Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Neck & Neck: Band of the Month Voting Draws to a Close + 2 featured Videos

Man o' man - Not since the epic MAKAR vs. The End Men Battle Royale this past winter has there been such a tight race for Band of the Month.  The lead has changed hands several times, and for at least a bit, the vote was tight.  It's going to come to down to the wire.  Voting ends at 10:00p.m. Central Time. 

I don't think I will be on right at ten, so you can see the results, but looking at the poll on the sidebar.  I will have a recap either tonight or tomorrow.  Best to all the bands.

Remember, if you haven't voted yet, or you have voted but are logged on to a different computer, you can vote.  The poll is located over on the left sidebar near the top.  

Here's a link to the recap of the bands who are up for the Grand Prize distinction.


As the voting winds down, we have already begun putting the spotlight on 10 great artists (Our Featured Artists of the Month for June 2012).  We've featured a couple of videos the past two days, and now here is two more.
 Here is Skeleton's in the Piano from Couch by Couch West

Here is a fairly recent live performance from Elephant Goes West

Affiliated Links:

Pac-Man Battle Royale Pac-Man Battle Royale
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