Friday, July 20, 2012

Featured Friday Music Shuflle - You Better Bet Your Life Mix

Greetings...Remember voting for Band of the Month - July continues - use the sidebar, and tell your friends to vote, too.

Here in the shuffle are three of our Featured Artists for July:

First up, Justin and the Salty Dogs get their Jimmy Webb/Hank Williams mojo going with the track that first captured my attention to these guys. Postman Blues

Next up is Francis Bowie with Silly and Crazy.

And finally, Happy Song was originally featured on Ear to the Ground as the Mystery Song of the Day when my phone failed to read the Artist Name tag and google turned out to be frugal.  Upon getting home, I figured out that Happy Song is by a band called FallsStart who are now a featured artist and up for Band of the Month.... whew! It is on the band's forthcoming 6 song EP  Our Summer due out August 10.

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