Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Triumphant Return Mix

And I'm back... did you miss me?  I managed to time travel in some posts while I was out, but now I am truly back with a brand new music shuffle as we count down to the end of July.

Remember, polls are open for our July Band of the Month.  Voting has been light, and so any of our eleven nominees could win this thing.  Remember the poll is located on the side bar to the left and you may have to scroll over - sorry about that.  Please vote!

Today, we spin out on some cool tracks from some cool artists...

First up, we have a relatively new song by New Jersey rockers, The Gaslight Anthem. "45" is out now.


The new album, Handwritten came out while I was away.

Next up, we have a track from the latest (self-titled) EP from Buffalo, New York born/Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Marc Scibilia.  The song is called Bright Day Coming. Check it out.


And finally, we have a track from Pony Boy. Saints and Liars is a cool track from this L.A. based band.




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