Saturday, November 24, 2012

Early Saturday Morning Music Shuffle - After Midnight Mix

Hey all, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, or for you non-USA people, a great Thursday.  Anyway, I was wrapping somethings up, and listening to some of the playlist I named, Highlights Unplayed which features songs I have downloaded or added to the MP3 player since July but which did not come up on a Morning Shuffle.  So, before I shuffle off to bed, let's see what comes up:

Andrew Osenga - Nashville based singer-songwriter, ex of the Normals released a new album back in September, and the more I hear from it, the more I like it.  The album is called Leonard, The Lonely Astronaut, and this early morning, we have Only Man in the World.

Chicago based, mellow, jazzy alt-rockers, The Sea and Cake also released a new album back in September, called Runner. We have the second song from that album which is called Harps.

Finally, Brandi Carlile released her fifth album, Bear Creek, back in June.  Keep Your Heart  Young is one of the many stand out tracks on that album.  By the way, if you clicky on the little album cover below, you can get Bear Creek for just $3.99 right now at Amazon.



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