Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle -Unlicensed Gondolier Mix

Time marches on... a chilly, winter-like morning in Nashville with some heavy fog in downtown and apparently across the Cumberland...

This was my view when I reached the top of the hill this morning...

 Now the playlist:

By 1991, Sam Phillips had already released five albums.  The first four being on a Contemporary Christian Music label.  By this point, she was married to Producer extraordinaire T-Bone Burnett (they would later divorce), and Burnett had produced two of her albums.  They worked together again on the album Cruel Inventions. From that album, we have the lead track called Lying.

  A Fan-Made video of Lying...

k.d. lang's first release in the States was called Angel with a Lariat which was released in 1987.  I think I totally wore out my cassette tape copy of this one.  Diet of Strange Places is a great jumping in point for this album (which still sounds great, some 25 years down the road).

I can't believe no video found for Diet... here's the title track to the album...

Bruce Cockburn's album Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws was released in 1979 and produced one of this most popular songs (in fact his only song to hit the Top 40 in the US - not that we care about that).  Wondering Where the Lions Are is a great song which has stood the test of time and remains one of my favorites.


1979 was a good year for music.  Coincidentally, we have the second song in a row from an album released in 1979.  That year, British/American rock icons, The Pretenders released their self-titled debut album.  We have an instrumental track from that record. Space Invader contains actually sounds from the classic arcade game Space Invaders.


Husker Du's entire recorded output was released within an approximately four year period, but they were, are and forever shall be one of the most influential bands ever (IMNSHO). Turn on the News from their second album, Zen Arcade, stands as one of the band's best.


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