Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Missing Out On it... Mix

 We are back with our shuffle.  First of all I'm running behind on the Band of the Month poll, but I expect to have that up and running either today and tomorrow.

We have a fun little shuffle - so let's have fun!

 Yucca Rose is a jazz vocalist from Jakarta, Indonesia. Today we have the beautiful Sentimental Mood which we grabbed from her ReverbNation Page. 

Yucca Rose is also an artist and here is a video featuring some of her art.


Featured Artist - Vulture Kult are up next with the title track from their album, Don't Let Rock N' Roll Ruin Your Life.


 Here is a live performance from Vulture Kult


Nashville's own,Bill Lloyd has a diverse and storied history.  He heads up the popular band The Long Players who recreate classic albums with a rotating all-star cast of characters which occasionally includes musicians who played on the original album.  He was 1/2 of the popular Country music duo Foster and Lloyd and he has recorded and released a series of totally awesome solo records over the past 25 + years.  His latest album is called Boy King of Tokyo, and we have the title track from that album in the shuffle today.


New Jersey band The Everymen are from New Jersey and they just released a stunning 52 song compilation which is available from Bandcamp with all proceeds going to Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Here's the details on  that record.

Meanwhile, Everymen is from Lake Worth, Florida.  They are a crustabilly, punk, folk band, and it is this Everymen who have a song (Waking Up Hurts from their album Beautiful Curse ) in today's shuffle:



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