Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Brand New Phone Mix

So, I got  my new phone that is even smarter than I am.... I haven't set up playlists so I shuffled all the songs on my memory card.  By the way, the picture above, was my view as I began my walk this morning.

 Started the shuffle with a song I picked out.  Sometimes, you just need some pure decadent nastiness to start your morning, and who is better to deliver a good dirty song than our old friends, The End Men with the appropriately titled A Dirty Song from their first EP Build It Up.  New music is eminent from The End Men as 2013 gets underway - so stay tuned in...

While the original line-up of Lone Justice did not make it past the first album, there second album Shelter was pretty darn good and produced one of my all-time favorite songs, the gorgeous Dixie Storms.

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me was originally on the 2000 album Smile by The Jayhawks.  It also appeared on the band's 2009 compilation Music from The North Country - The Jayhawks Anthology.

Nashville's own Lambchop released their latest album earlier this year. It's called Mr. M and we have the lovely and tragic, If Not I'll Just Die to close out this historic shuffle.

By the way, at press time - the download is just $4.99 at Amazon.



Bear Creek is a steal at just $3.99


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