Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Radio On Mix

Happy Monday!  Man, it feels like forever since I've done a Morning Shuffle.  Still trying to figure out how to do this on my new phone... 

Anyway, it's a beautiful day in Nashville and very warm for early December.  

Our good friend, Don Ryan just released a new song called Vultures.  We told you about it - did you see it.  Well, here's where to find it --- HERE

Don finished 3rd in our First Annual Band of the Year voting.  We start off a Monday Shuffle with the song Midtown Waiting from his first album Tangle Town.  


The second best thing to come out of Idaho (I love me some taters) is Built to Spill. The band has been releasing albums for close to twenty years.  Our song today, Aisle 13 comes from the band's most recent album, 2009 There is No Enemy.


The Godfather of Alternative Music - Lou Reed has released about twenty solo records - which does not count his collaborations or his work with The Velvet Underground.  An impressive career.  Here is his take on 80s style hip-hop with his song, The Original Wrapper from his 14th solo album Mistrial.


More Meat Puppets is a good thing.  Here is the instrumental Six Gallon Pie from their 1991 album Forbidden Places.  The album is currently out of print.  Here's a link to Amazon to buy a physical copy of the song.

The Modern Lovers first album (self-titled) was recorded in 1971 and 1972, but was not released in 1976.  Nevertheless, it stands as one of the greatest Rock records of all time.  This original incarnation of  the band which featured Jonathan Richman, Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), David Robinson (The Cars), Ernie Robinson and John Felice (The Real Kids), only made one album but recorded some the most important songs of the Rock era - Pablo Picasso, Modern World, Girlfriend, Hospital and perhaps most famously - Roadrunner which is the next song in our shuffle.


And we close out today's shuffle with a song from an underappreciated 80s artist, The Call.  Almost everyone knows their song The Walls Came Down.  Today though we have another track from the band's third album Scene Beyond Dreams which we got from their 1991 compilation, The Best of the Mercury Years.


 Could not find a video of One Life... so here's the classic , The Walls Came Down.

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