Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Swearing Off Mix

I'm late and running short on time - so to the shuffle

How about The Staple Singers with a cover of the Buffalo Springfield classic, For What It's Worth.  The cover comes from the Freedom Highway album.


Then let's careen through the musical jungle (jangle) that leads to the Debut EP from R.E.M. which was called Chronic Town , and the song Stumble.  Chronic Town was released along with the Rarities album Dead Letter Office later in the 80s.


Keeping it in the South, but moving forward a few decades, we have Jason Isbell from his solo debut - 1987's Sirens of the Ditch with the lovely Chicago Promenade.


The Avett Brother's previous album I and Love and You helped break the band from purely Americana darlings to full-fledged music starts.  It's also a pretty darned good album.  Today, we have It Goes On and On.


Keeping up the Americana theme, but taking it up North to chilly Minnesota, we have Gary Louris and company (aka The Jayhawks) with an acoustic take on Waiting for the Sun from the bonus disc to their Rainy Day Music. The original version was on the band's Hollywood Town Hall album.


We end up with the Dixie Chicks from their (incredibly) 13 year old album Fly and the lovely Cold Day in July.



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