Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Dozens and Dozens Mix


Trying to use the new technology to satisfy the philosophy and integrate the dichotomy that resonates in the... that's it... 

Anyway, so I'm experimenting with some new ways to bring you the Morning Shuffle.  Today, for example, the Amazon links are up top in the handy widget thing.  I got this handy, dandy bluetooth speaker, so I started the shuffle on my way in to work and continued it for my walk up the steps of the capitol.   So, tons of great music.  Let's get to it.... more on the shuffle after the jump....


1. Dave Brubeck passed away last week after a long life and tons of great music.  Here we have his take on the Jerome Kern composition, The Way You Look Tonight.

2.While it might seem a strange or strained transition from Brubeck to Iggy and the Stooges, well, what can I say, I'm all about strange and strained transitions.  Anyway, way back in my musical formative years I bought a Charlie Parker compilation and the Stooges' album Fun House on the same shopping trip, and it made perfect sense to me... so....  Search and Destroy is in the shuffle today.

3. For about ten years, my beautiful wife produced radio PSAs for the Presbyterian Church.  I have a few of those spots saved to my MP3 player and one of those came up today.  Adults are Kids, Too was from the series of spots called Blessings about and inspired by the work of Project Joy

4.  Pretty Persuasion - R.E.M. - Reckoning. 'kay?

5.  Ballot Result is a must have for Minutemen completists. A fan voted compilation of outakes, bootlegs and misc. goodies from the too short lived godfathers of post-punk.  No! No! No! to Draft and War is protest folk music for the post punk era - the brief but powerful Joe McCarthy's Ghost completes the track.

6.  Jiving Sister Fanny was first released on the unauthorized Rolling Stones compilation called Metamorphosis which was released in 1975.  We grabbed it off the Boxset entitled Singles Collection: The London Years.

7. Pulse by The Psychedelic Furs is one of three songs not produced by Steve Lillywhite for the band's self-titled album.

8. Social Destortion's self-titled album was their third.  From that we have the classic song, Let it Be Me.

9.  Bob Dylan's second album - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - turned 50 years old this year.  A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall from that album is up next. Nearly seven minutes of  awesomeness.

10.  The Shuffle closes with a 40 year old song from yet another self-titled debut.  This time we have John Prine with Quiet Man.




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