Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Week that Was or Stuff we Like or Something

Well, the first week of the new year has come and gone.  We've been busy with some transitions here on the E2TG homefront, and next week, posting will be spotty at best, but we have big plans in store of 2013 and some new features and all sorts of assorted goodness. 

One feature we're playing around with is kind of a weekly recap of neat-o stuff, we've come into contact with musically speaking.  Although, we're still not sure how this is going to work, we've never let that stop us before, and we are not going to start now.  

First up is a segment we are calling - good news from good friends... but we'll probably think of a better name.  Here's the deal - we love it when bands/artists we love turn us on to music that they love.  For us that is part of the connections we talk about sometimes.  Everything is connected.  But it also points to something else.  It seems in many aspects of the world including the business side of music, there is a philosophy that some people have that operates under the assumption that there is only so much success to go around and that you better grab as much as you can get for yourself.  I tend to believe in a philosophy of absolute abundance.  The way I try (emphasis on TRY) to live is to put the focus of helping others to succeed - even if they could be considered competition.  Whatever... the music...

Ear to the Ground favorites The End Men have been hinting at some big news for 2013.  New album, maybe a Nashville date???!!!!!, so when I got a tweet from them that said something like, "Here it is" ... I thought it was news about The End Men, but rather it was to turn us on to a great band... this is not the first time The End Men have done this and I suspect it will not be the last.   (By the way, The End Men are seconds away from reaching   600 likes on Facebook.  So, go do yourself a favor and "like" their page.)

So....  without further ado, Ear to the Ground presents (via The End Men)- a great band from Kansas - Jesse Harris and the Gypsy Sparrows with a song called "Bound".

Something else we do here at Ear to the Ground is feature bands in segments like Band of the Week, Featured Artists of the Month.  The thing is, we are very possessive of the band's we feature.  We do our best to keep up with them  (and offer tools like THIS or THIS where you can, too).  So, when a band we featured does something amazing or noteworthy, we take great pride in telling you about it).

Which brings us to our next segment which we are calling (go back and put in segment name later)... isn't that great name!  

Well, whatever we call it, this week, we have a live performance of a brand new song from The Foresters - new motto "when you need that extra push over the cliff, you need a band whose average age is 11." (this is not an official band motto - unless they like it).  As you know, these three brothers from Connecticut know how to ROCK.  For me, listening to their music fills be with such hope.  Not just for how good there are... and they are good, but for the potential...  So, the band played a gig January 3  and this video of the new song called "Big Mountain Fudge Cake" was released, and behold the signs of a band on the rise.  The soon to be legendary lore (is that redundant?) tells how these brothers went to a Green Day show with their father and came home wanting to play music. The band's music that I've heard so far has been clearly drawn from the Pop Punk well-spring that Green Day helped to launch.  Don't get me wrong, it is good Pop Punk with a hint that these kids weren't going to be content with any such limitations.

Here we see growth - probably equal to or greater than the physical growth common in kids of their ages.  This is heavy stuff and be sure to check out bass player Hayden's work on this song.

That's it for now, stick with us as we make our way through this challenging but exciting week in our non-blogging lives and we promise great things to come..




  1. Thanks for the kind words Joe. Your support is greatly appreciated!

  2. The lads, in the immortal words of MC5 know how to, Kick out the jams! Like you Joe, I am watching The Foresters intently and expect big things from these talented bro's.