Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Time the Tale was Told Mix

 Greetings from frosty Nashville.  We have a more traditionally-sized Morning Shuffle this morning...   Check it out - after the jump...

 3 of 4 songs are represented on today's Amazon Widget

1.  Song: Things I Do  Artist: Lydia Loveless Album: The Only Man (2010) - (the version we heard was  taken from a 10/18/2011 Daytrotter Session) - (were Punk and Country really ever that far apart?)
 (a different song from Ms. Loveless)
2.  Song: Reel Around the Fountain  Artist: The Smiths Album: The Smiths (1984) - (Today we listened to a Demo version from a Bootleg Vinyl Rip - sounded awesome, by the way) - (Aw, I love the smell of Morrissey in the morning - or the sound at least).

3. Song: Eighth Avenue  Artist: Hospitality  Album: Hospitality (2012) - (Brooklyn Pop Music)

4. Song: Sophomore Slump  Artist: Calicocat Album: This is Heavy (2011) - (Prolific Nashville Rock Band - One of the bands that found their way to our ears in 2012) (Not on the Amazon Widget - but see the Widget below... #Ilikesayingwidget #hashtagsarestupid #whyamidoingthis)



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