Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - O, Brother Mix

ICYMI - please check out Sandy Hook: Somewhere Over the Rainbow featuring the Children of Newtown along with Ingrid Michaelson which was produced by Chris and Tina of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club renown.  

It continues to be winter here in Nashville, but we press on... Let's shuffle - after the jump:

Today's shuffle is an odd combination of songs but some really good ones...

1.  Song:  Love You Strongly  Artist: Amy Stroup  Album: The Other Side of Love: Session Two (2011) - (one half of Sugar and the Hi-Lows, amazing singer songwriter, part of Ten out of Tenn, great song... enough said? - oh yeah, as heard on Grey's Anatomy)


2.  Song: Everything You Took  Artist: Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires Album: There is a Bomb in Gilead (2012) - (First time hearing this... Stink'n'Roll from the Dirty South... kind of love this)

3.  Song: Who's in Control Artist: British Sea Power Album: Valhalla Dancehall (2011) - (British Indie Rock from Brighton - yeah!)

4.  Song: You're A Animal  Artist: Jonathon Boulet Album: We Keep the Beat Found the Sound See the Need Start the Heart (2012) - (Aussie artist, grammatically interesting, musically awesome)

5.  Song: Drinkswater  Artist: Beachwood Sparks  Album: Make the Cowboy Robots Cry (2006) - (How is it that I just found out about Beachwood Sparks last year? Awesome song and brilliant album title - California Alt-Country band)

6.  Song: Milkman  Artist: EMA  Album: Past Life Maryred Saints (2011) - (Erika M. Anderson - South Dakota born, Noise Folk/Noise Rock, in 2011 she was named the most blogged about artist of the week, E2TG operates on it's own timeline)

7.  Song: Untitled Two (Marr Instrumental)  Artist: The Smiths (Johnny Marr)  Album: Unreleased Demos and Instrumentals (Bootleg Vinyl Rip) (2010) - (Previous information speaks for itself, not on Amazon widget for the day)

8.  Song: Annmarie  Artist: Anais Mitchell  Album: Young Man in America (2012) - (You want to know how great Anais Mitchell is? She's so great, I named my daughter after her a few years before she even wrote her first song*) *not technically true    

9.  Song: Behavior  Artist: Stomacher  Album: Sentimental Education (2009) - (One of our early Bands of the Week - awesome dark yet uplifting music from the Bay Area.  The band released their latest album Clara in 2012)



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