Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Seneca, Selma and Stonewall Mix

Good morning from chilly Nashville.  Bear with us as we try to dive back into the week after a long weekend.  Hope all is well in your world.

We have big plans and high expectations for the week.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile - go to the shuffle - after the jump:


1. Song: It's Got to be a Hit (funky pop/salvaged off cassette)  Artist: Richard Flinders Album: Reverb download (1985) - (Browsing ReverbNation, going down the rabbithole, one finds music that one would not otherwise find.  Such is this funky number. Rich Flinders current resides in the Philippines. Not on Amazon widget above)

Assuming this is the same Richard Flinders - he plays on this track.

2. Song: Passport (feat. Sciryl)  Artist: Turnstylz Album: (we got this from a 2010 Experience Music: A Tunecore Music Sampler) - (A different song by Turnstylz feat. Sciryl is on the Amazon Widget.  Don't know much about Turnstylz except that they are a hip-hop group from NYC)

3. Song: Skyway  Artist: The Replacements  Album: Pleased to Meet Me (1987) - (Skyway is one of my favorite songs.  A beautiful, vulnerable song about missed opportunities and the bitter loneliness of the detachment of life in the city).

4. Song: One Cruel Joke Artist: Renaldo The  Album: Renaldo The (2012) - (I'm growing to love this merry band of misfit Vaudevilleish geniuses from NYC.  One Cruel Joke is a seriously cool song). (UPDATE - Video Updated)

5.  Song: Gold Soundz (Remastered)  Artist: Pavement  Album: Quarantine The Past: The Best of Pavement (2010) - (Original version is on Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain - the 1994 second album by these legendary California rockers who are led by Steven Malkmus).
6. Song: Flowers in Your Hair  Artist: The Lumineers  Album: The Lumineers (2012) - (lead track off the self-titled debut by this red-hot Colorado band - we grabbed this off a Hang-Out Music Festival Compilation)

7. Song: I'm Not Talking  Artist: A.C. Newman  Album: Shut Down the Streets (2012) - (New Pornographer gone solo.  I like this song)

8.  Song: That's My Baby  Artist: Sleeper/Agent Album: Celebrasion (2011) - (another track we grabbed from the Hangout Music Festival sampler.  This band is from Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Judging by this song and the Facebook friends who also like this band's page, I think I have found a new band to love, their album was produced by the awesome Jay Joyce who was part of the 80s Nashville band In Pursuit. You know - those connections).


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