Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Riders on the Storm Mix

Most of Nashville and the surrounding area woke up around 3:00a.m. to tornado sirens, high winds, and all manner of alarms going off. An apparent EF-2 tornado touched down just outside of Nashville, and a man was killed by a falling tree just north of downtown. For most of us it was just the inconvenience of having our beauty sleep interrupted. It was kind of interesting reading the live tweets. In addition to updates from the local news outlets, I read a fair number of tweets from Nashville-area songwriters, musicians and venues. 

Seemed like an appropriate time to post this...  The Doors' Riders on the Storm digitally altered from the Minor Key to the Major Key.

 And now, a shuffle - after the jump:

 Of late, our Morning Shuffles have increased from about 4-6 songs per shuffle to around 10.  While I love being able to present more music, the posts have been taking way more time than I actually have. So, I'm going to try something new... we shall see..

1. Song: Living In The 80's  Artist: Zero Boys  Album: Decade of Disaster - The Toxic Shock Years (Originally released on Vicious Circle (1982))

Old school punk from Indianapolis 

2. Song: Heart is Strange (Active Child Remix)  Artist: School of Seven Bells  Album: Disconnect from Desire (orginal verison on this album) (2010)

First of two remixes in a row.  School of Seven Bells is an indie rock band from Brooklyn.  Active Child is an electronic music artist named Pat Grossi. The Amazon widget actually includes a different remix of the same song.

3. All to All (Spirit If Remix)  Artist: Broken Social Scene Album: Forgiveness Rock Record (original version) (2010) 

Okay let's get this straight.  All to All is a song by Broken Social Scene from their record Forgiveness Rock Record.  Spirt If... was a band presented solo record by Kevin Drew of BSS. This remix was done by Kevin Drew and Ohad Benchetrit. The used the name of the solo album for this radical remix. The remix is not on the Spirit If.. record.  Got it?

4.  Song: Is that Clear  Artist: Nick Waterhouse Album: Time's All Gone (2012)

Jazzy R&B from the full-album debut of this talented L.A. musician.

5. Song: Trees and Parks  Artist: The Hunting Accident Album: Trees and Parks (2012)

A Band of the Week in 2011.  Made up of members of Piebald and Arlo.  L.A. indie rockers.  

 6. Song: Ten Commandments of Love Artist: Bob Marley Album: Trenchtown Days: The Birth of a Legend (orginally appeared on The Wailing Wailers (1965) )

Do-Wop originnally by The Moonglows. A great history lesson on the early career of  this music legend.
 7.  Song: Wet and Rusting Artist: Menomena  Album: Barsuk: 2009 Amazon Digital Sampler (orginally on Wet and Rusting EP (2006))

Portland Oregon indie rock band

8. Song: Shanghai Cigarettes Artist: Caitlin Rose Album: Own Side Now (2011) 

Flat out one of the best songs ever.  Nashville's own. I saw her at Grimey's Record Store Day celebration this past spring.

9.  Song: Heart Collector  Artist: Garrison Starr Album: Relive (Noisetrade Version) (2012)

Great song from a great singer/songwriter. A different Garrison Starr song with Heart in the title is on the Amazon widget.

10. Song: Basie Boogie  Artist: Count Basie Orchestra Album: Basie Boogie (Prime Cuts) (1995?)

A little Big Band music to get the day going right...

11. Song: Life Design Artist: Parlotones  Album: Experience Music: A Tunecore Music Sampler (orginally on Stardust Galaxies (2010))

Rock from South Africa

12. Song: Crash Years Artist: The New Pornographers Album: Matador Records - Intended Play 2010 (Originnally on Together (2010))

Just a great song from this Vancouver based band which features Neko Case and a bunch of other talented people.

13. Song: Don't Be Afraid Artist: Anoraak feat. Sally Shapiro Album: Wherever the Sun Sets (2010)

Synth-pop from Europe. Dig it.





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