Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Morning Music Shuffle - Marching On Mix

It's a brand new month, and we move forward deliberately, haltingly and blindly into this odd numbered year, still early in the second decade of the still brand new millennium. Thanks to communication and technology, the world is smaller and yet still large and formidable. Yet another fiscal crisis in Washington. Isn't there always one - these days at least. How is your world?  Are you experiencing a fiscal crisis?  I hope all is well with you. Here at Ear to the Ground, we are in a constant tension between the things we would like to do and the things he have to do and the constraints of time, money and energy.  That being said, March is shaping up to be a great month for music, and we will be here to share what we can.  I don't know who exactly you are, but I am grateful that you've taken the time to read this far.  Stick around  a bit more, and I will wrap up with rambling discourse on nothing in particular and get to the music.  We have a four song shuffle today that covers quite a bit of ground: musically, geographically and chronologically. 

We'll begin with the title track from Brooklyn fuzz-rockers Lightouts with the title track to their debut album which comes out March 5. Check it out:

And now to the shuffle after the jump:

  • "Please Be My Third Eye" by La Sera from Hey Sandy, We're Still Here (A Hurricane Benefit) (2012)

La Sera is the latest project of Katy Goodman (Vivian Girls, All Saints Day). This is song on Sees the Light which was released last year on the Hardly Art label.  Please download the Sandy benefit album using the widget above. It's $5.00, for a good cause and contains a butt-load of awesome NY/NJ music including some of our #E2TG friends.

  • "Chrono" by Kraftwerk from Tour de France (2009 Remaster of their 2003 album) 

Electronic music from the masters of that genre.
  • "The Death of Me" by Dex Romweber Duo from Is That You in the Blue? (2011)

Dexter Romweber was 1/2 of the seminal Chapel Hill, NC/Athens, GA band Flat Duo Jets.  Dex Romweber Duo currently features Dex and his sister Sara.  Is That You in the Blue? is the Duo's second album which was released in 2011 on Bloodshot Records.

  • "Cardinal Wings" by Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes from Civilized Man (2011)
Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes are one of the hottest (and best) in a growing list of amazing Nashville based bands.  If you haven't caught up with this great band, the time to start is now.


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