Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Blunted Razor's Edge Mix

"I can't stand people who bitch and whine."  X
Shuffle forward after the jump!

  •  "Blush on Razor" by Three Blind Wolves from The Maybe Forest (2011)

So just to be clear.  The other day, we played A Sunny Day in Glasgow who are from Philadelphia.  Today, we have a song by Three Blind Wolves who are from Glasgow.  I found Three Blind Wolves while exploring around on Bandcamp. They have a number of albums out.  Today's song comes from their 2011 album The Maybe Forest which was recorded with members of various other Glasgow bands including this song which features Mark Farmer from the band The Seventeenth Century.  Now I have to check out The Seventeenth Century.  So you see why music consumes so much of my time...   Oh and if you check out the video playlist below you will find Three Blind Wolves covering Townes Van Zandt which makes them A-ok in my book.

  • "The Grackle" by The Peculiar Pretzelmen from CXCW12 Mixtape (2012)

Here are those Peculiar Pretzelmen with a video recorded in Albuquerque, NM for last years Couch by Couchwest. Check out the manic and melodious banjo/percussion freakout.  Sound right below - CXCW video on playlist below.

  •  "Pull My Coat" by Mark Robinson from Have Axe - Will Groove (2013)

We shall close out this short shuffle with some more Nashville Blues from the new album by Mark Robinson called Have Axe - Will Groove.  "Pull My Coat" is, I think, a tune written by Mark Robinson. Today's Youtube playlist features Robinson covering the Davis Raines' song Baby's Gone to Memphis which also appears on Have Axe - Will Groove.

Today's Playlist via YouTube:


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