Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Sofa Logic (or Couch Potato Wedge) Mix

I support Marriage Equality.

 Need to be quick, so check out the YouTube playlist below for representative songs from all of our pre-shuffle shuffle artists.


By pure chance or divine intervention, all of the artists in our Morning Shuffle appeared in videos featured at CXCW 2013.

  • "Smells Like" by NOSE! from 12in12x12 Volume 1 (2013)
I somehow missed this band's video for CXCW 2012 wherein the police were called-in for a noise complaint. For 2013, the band won the Least Dressed award for their video for "Truck Nuts" which was filmed in a bathroom with the band members dressed ever so modestly in towels. We have that video in our Playlist below.  The song today is from their Bandcamp release which can be widgeted above.  Did I mention they are from my hometown, Cookeville, Tennessee? Ah, now it ALLLLLL makes sense.

  • "Devil's Rope" by Tim Lee 3 from Devil's Rope (2013)
Next up is another CXCW band from Tennessee. Knoxville's own, Tim Lee 3. We have the title track from an album you already own (you know you bought it after reading my review).  In case you missed it, the Amazon Link is just above this paragraph.

  • "Bites" by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade from Pretty Well Damned (2012)

There is all sorts of awesomeness going on in this song. Doo-Wop, a 60s Girl Group vibe, brass?..., and it all works out in a great song. We have the band's CXCW 2013 video below and a link to the Amazon version of the current album above.
  • "Take it Back" by Tumbleweed Wanderer from So Long (2012)

San Franciso "Hair Folk" band Tumbleweed Wanderers complete our improbable, illogical and irrefutable CXCW-themed set of music with a song that it on both their 2011 self titled album and the above referenced 2012 release. We have a Living Room Sessions version of the song "Take It Back" in the playlist below.  Enjoy!


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