Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Fools in Love Mix

No fooling, today's pre-shuffle shuffle and Shuffle Shuffle have an interesting and entertaining mix of music.  We are short on time so let's get to it.  Remember, as per our new habit, we have created a handy-dandy playlist which represents most of the songs in the daily shuffle.  The video playlist is posted at the very bottom of this post.

Pre-shuffle-wise we have the only non-instrumental track off the legendary Minuteflag EP which was released back in '85 and featured members of SST bands Minutemen and Black Flag.  The song Fetch the Water is included below.

We also have a song from Porgy and Bess composed by George Gershwin and performed by the great Sarah Vaughan along with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

We have our first taste of the new album by Taco Land.  Look for much more on this great album in the days and weeks to come.

And we close out the pre-shuffle with another track from Dog Without Warning  who came to our attention via CXCW.

Now the shuffle:

  • "Amber Waves of Cocaine" by Slaughterhouse Chorus from Slaughterhouse Chorus (2011)/ The Appetizer (Built4BBQ Sampler) (2013)

Albany New York Americana/Punk band Slaughterhouse Chorus just wrapped up their whirlwind No Tour for Old Men with The End Men.  "Amber Waves of Cocaine" is the lead track on the band's 2011 self-titled album and also appears on the still hot of the presses Built4BBQ sampler called The Appetizer.  Both albums are linked above.  We have a random Slaughterhouse Chorus video in the playlist below.

  •  "This Feeling Inside" by You and Me from You and Me (2013)



We have another track from the Canadian husband and wife team of Val and James better known as You and Me.  They just produced a CD version of their self-titled album which you can get from the link above.  This song is a great example of the awesome folk-pop which we love from this band.  This song is included in the playlist below.
  • "Bess, You is My Woman Now" composed by George Gershwin performed by Adele Addison and Robert McFerrin from The Essential George Gershwin - performance from the 1959 film Porgy and Bess.

The last time we went to Goodwill, we picked up The Essential George Gershwin - two discs, 41 songs from $1.99.  We plan to go back to Goodwill soon.  The video playlist includes several selections from the 1959 film version of Porgy and Bess.

  • "Electric Sounds" by Sad Baby Wolf from Electric Sounds (2013)

Sad Baby Wolf was featured on this blog last year.  They are an Albuquerque-based Indie band featuring former members of The Shins.  Their full-length debut is due out April 9, and today we have the title track.  We've been digging on this record for a few weeks now, and we recommend you check it out.




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