Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Let's Make History Mix

Well, it seems like I actually made progress last week - presenting more tracks on the blog than I added to the Playlist.  Then, this weekend came along...  There is a seemingly endless amount of really good to great music out there, and the list keeps growing.

Meanwhile, my album review to do list keep growing, while the free time seems to dwindle. So, I'll keep at it... 

 The Pre-Shuffle included another track from the minuteflag EP.  "Candy Rush" is a wild jazzy, punk rock jam of an instrumental.  We followed that with some more great bluesy folk pop from our friends Val and James who record as You and Me - this time we heard "Today is Gonna Be a Better Day".  NOSE! demonstrating the timeless art of "Hamboning".  We heard a classic.  Harry James and His Orchestra doing "Blues" from An American in Paris composed by - you guessed it - George Gershwin. We closed out the Pre-Shuffle with all 10 minutes of "Go Girls (Complete)" from the Go Girl album by Dog Without Warning.

 Shuffle comes up right after the jump.... JUMP!

  •  "A New Love (Can Be Found)" by Daniel Romano from Come Cry With Me (2013)

There is a cool monthly mixtape put out every month by a group of bloggers including our friend David "Popatunes" Horton.  It's Called Feel Bad.  The April Edition just came out and heading the as always stellar (and diverse) selection of tunes is this one.  Check out Feel Bad for April HERE. If you listen to most Country radio and wonder what ever happened to good old COUNTRY MUSIC, then look no further  than Canadian Troubadour Daniel Romano.

  • "Little Man" by Christian Robins (Prod Blended Babies) from KidGrownUp (2013)

We had two tracks from this new mixtape in Friday's Pre-Shuffle.  Today, young rapper Christian Robins makes the jump into the Shuffle with this outstanding track.  Words and Beats. Lyrical content that matters and that says something.  Seriously, you have to give this a listen. "Hands Up, Hands Up for the Little Man"  Download the Mixtape HERE.

  • "Oh, Rose" by Skeletons in the Piano from Please Don't Die (2013)

Please Don't Die is the highly anticipated 3rd Album from Saratoga Springs band Skeletons in the Piano.  Pre-Orders start April 20. The record is being put out by Magnetic Eye Records. Skeletons in the Piano, as you may know, were voted Band of the Year in 2012 by you, our loyal readers. Expect my full review of this album soon.  Today, we heard the final song from the album. Prepare yourself, this album is going to totally blow you out of the water.  Some of the earliest reviews have thrown out descriptions like Wagner meets Iron Maiden. This is BIG music and great music.  Stay tuned for much more about this.  As indicated on the poster reproduced above, The CD release party is happening May 11 and The End Men are joining the party.  Man, I wish I could be in Saratoga Springs on that night.

Let's Make History Mix Playlist



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