Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Avant Guard Dogs Mix

It's festival announcement time. We'd love to hear from our Readers about which festival lineup you are most excited to see. I'll be honest for most of the major festivals, probably 90% of the lineup seems almost obligatory.  By that, I don't necessarily mean it's bad music, just that there seems to be a core group of bands who you know are going to be at every major festival.  So, we're most interested in any artists who you were surprised to see on a festival line-up.  

Let's get to it:  This morning, we had four songs in our pre-shuffle shuffle and four song in our Shuffle shuffle.

Pre-shuffle:  we continue to dig on the Dog Without Warning album Go Girl.  Today, we heard Pacific Time Zone which more of an alt-country feel to it then some of the other songs we've heard from the album.  We also had another great song from the self-titled You and Me album. We heard a newish track from our good friend Galen Wade via Soundcloud, and the pre-shuffle closed out with another great track from The Lucky Jukebox Brigade - he heard Flip which the band performed for this year's CXCW.

Now, let's get to the Shuffle - it's after the Jump

  • "Gone With the Wind" by The Plastic Pals from Good Karma Cafe (2008)

The Plastic Pals are a really cool Twin-Guitar pop band from Stockholm.  Their newest album was produced by Chris Cavacas (ex-Green on Red). Today, we have a track from the band's 2008 album Good Karma Cafe.  They found us on Twitter and we are extremely glad they did.

  • "You Make Me Rock and Roll" by Tom Tom Club from Downtown Rockers (2012)

Chris, Tina and company released the awesome Downtown Rockers back in September.  Today, we have the third track on the album.  You can own your own digital copy of Downtown Rockers for just $5.00 on Amazon by clicking the album cover above.  Tom Tom Club will be touring later this year including an appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in June.

  • "Even if It All Falls Through" by Ben de la Cour from Ghost Light (2012)


This may be our favorite so far from the Ghost Light album.  We've already featured a number of songs from this album (another CXCW "discovery").  "Even if..." has the sound of a brand new classic song.

  • "Fascinating Rhythm/Someone to Watch Over Me" composed by George Gershwin and performed by Morton Gould and His Orchestra from The Essential George Gershwin

Would it be inaccurate to call Gershwin the original Downtown Rocker? Probably, but in terms of 20th Century American Popular and Classical Music, he is one of the best. We're kind of digging this additional to our morning mixes.



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