Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Reasonable Man Mix

You know, I'm not one to dwell in the past... well at least as it relates to this blog, but I was thinking about yesterday's Shuffle, and how proud I was to be able to present three great new pieces of music from artists and musical styles which could hardly be more diverse, and which (at least in my mind) were united by a love of what they do and an authenticity of spirit which can be a rare quality in music these days (or any days).

As they say, now for something completely different.  We shuffled up the same playlist of songs and here is what emerged for today....

Pre-Shuffle Shuffle:  A cool Punk Rock band from New York State called Bridge Under Fire which we pulled off of The Appetizer Sampler from Built4BBQ.  A couple more tuneful tracks from the outstanding Pretty Well Damned album by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade.  We close out the Pre-shuffle with a pretty cool Rock band from Brooklyn called Brothers (not be to mistaken for any other band called Brothers, this band is referred to as Brother NYC).

Shuffle forward after the Jump

  • "Using Your Love" by The Mohawk Lodge from Damaged Goods (2013)

The Mohawk Lodge are a band from Canada. They have been compare to Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen with a dash of Nick Cave.  I've been digging on the songs I've heard so far. Check them out.

  •  "Just a Bum" by Greg Brown which was orginally released on his 1985 album In the Dark With You and which we grabbed off of the 1995 benefit compilation The Silverlake Homeless Project

The legendary folk artist, Greg Brown delivers one of his many beloved songs from this benefit compilation.

  • "The Fly That Rode From Buffalo" by Southern Culture on the Skids from Ditch Diggin' (1994)

SCOTS have always entertained me.  In attitude and approach, consider them step children of the B-52s with the Southern Kitschiness and outrageous good humor. Musically, they borrow liberally from Rockabilly, Surf and Country to create a unique sound.  This is a great track which is almost 20 years old. Wow!

  • "It's a Pity (Pardon my English)" composed by George Gershwin performed by Mel Torme from The Essential George Gershwin.

My primo Goodwill find continues to deliver musical gold.  This time it's the Golden Fog, Mel Torme.  A nice way to close out today's eclectic and delightfully weird music shuffle.





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