Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Roadrunner Mix

I want to take a minute to send my love to the City of Boston. As well as to send my love to all victims of violence everywhere. Unfortunately, the capacity of human beings to inflict pain, death and destruction on our fellows is not new. I do think the best response when things like this occur is for each of us to work toward making small movements away from fear and anger and toward love.

Today's subtitle is a reference to one of Boston's many great musical exports.

Music heals, so let's dive in...

First up, with a h/t to The End Men, we discovered that Ear to the Ground has and has had a theme song.

Today in the pre-shuffle, we heard another great song from R.E.M.'s Document album which has been in the shuffle, since we found a copy at our local Goodwill (on Half-Price Saturday)!

We also heard two more songs from The Essential George Gershwin which we picked up on that same shopping excursion.  This time, a couple of classics performed by Tony Bennett and Ethel Waters respectively. 

Throw in another track from the awesome new The Imperial Rooster record which they are giving away on Bandcamp. (Throw them some seed if you are able).

We also heard a track from the Skeletons in the Piano album, Please Don't Die which we reviewed last week.

We close out the pre-shuffle with a song by a band from South Alabama called The Bear which we dig a whole bunch.

Now for the Shuffle - after the JUMP

  •  "Funky Home" by The Harmonica Lewinskies from Salad Days (2013)

New York band The Harmonica Lewinskies are working on a new album.  In the meantime, they are offering a 3 song EP for "Name Your Price".  "Funky Home" lives up to its name. An awesome way to start this morning's walk.
  • "Inside" by Sand Rubies (aka The Sidewinders) from Cuacha (1988)

In the just world, The Sidewinders would be a household name.  Bursting out of then still untapped Tucson scene, the band made some great music and was in the process of creating some positive buzz when trouble began.  The band was successfully sued by a COVER BAND called Sidewinder and were forced the change their name to Sand Rubies. Still making great music, but having lost a couple of members and a great deal of momentum, the band were off and on for a better part of a decade have reunited several times since.  Cuacha was the debut album by The Sidewinders and was later re-released under the Sand Rubies name.  Take a listen to hear what you and much of the world missed the first time around.

  •  "Asa" by Denison Witmer from Denison Witmer (2013)

Philly singer-songwriter Denison Witmer releases his debut record at the end of this month.  The album features William Fitzsimmons and Sufjan Stevens.  I have to say as I was walking into the office, I was almost smiling out loud at the great music coming my way which I new I was going to be able to send your way.

  • "Last Day" by The Danbury Lie  from ? (2013)
Our friends, The Danbury Lie jump back into the shuffle with another great track from their new release which is either untitled or called ? - I'm not sure which. Whatever you call it, it's a great record from a consistently hard rocking indie band.



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