Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Fly Over Mix

Some may say, I take way too much pride in presenting morning shuffles that span such a diverse landscape of musical marvels.  Some may say I would be far more successful if I focused on one genre or only wrote about those certain "buzz worthy" artists that you can read about in all of the other music blogs. Some may say, I should stick to the script and just echo back the language of the music promoters and publicists. 

I don't bother responding except to offer up today's pre-shuffle and shuffle.


"I'm One of Three" by EndAnd (new punk music from Brooklyn)
"River Rose" by Meat Puppets (the post-punk legends are back)
"Bangs" by Valued Customer (some music from our crazy friends from Toronto)
 "'Til I'm With You" by Neighbour (More from the awesome Kacie Williams)
"Waiting for Something New" by Mozes and the Firstborn (This band is from Antwerp and I first heard  them over  the weekend - dig it)
"Cloudy Morning Blues" by Black Cold Bottles (Modern rock from Sao Paulo)
"Where You Going Northern" by Game Theory (Your daily dose of the genius of the late Scott Miller)
"Love and You" by Jeanette Lynne (more music from this amazing Philadelphia area singer-songwriter)


Okay, okay... like me, my shuffle button is in love with this young hip-hop artist currently from Wisconsin. Check it out, if you haven't already.

  • "Rule the World (feat. C4RV) (prod. Since'93) by Christian Robin from KidGrownUp (2013)

I've often said that once of the best things about writing Ear to the Ground are the incredible people I have met and "met" as a result of the blog. Some time last year, I heard this awesome track called "Frank Ocean" by a group called Valued Customer. I dug it and I even Featured them on Ear to the Ground.  These young guys are completely nuts, and I'll be honest about half the time, I don't understand exactly what's going on with them, but mostly, I am completely charmed by their awesome weirdness (which goodness knows I can appreciate). We are finally about to get some new music from Valued Customer, but I couldn't wait. So, I headed over to their Bandcamp page and downloaded some older music.  The song "Bangs" was in the Pre-shuffle.  For the shuffle, the following track came up....

  • "WELCOME" by Valued Customer from Babylon Hill (2012)

Okay - so what we have here is the opening track of the Babylon Hill collection. We have a guided meditation with a warning not to listen while driving.  I'm not sure but I think I've been brain-washed into really digging these guys.

  • "Somebody Else" by JJ Grey and Mofro from This River (2013)

What better way to close out this uniquely Ear to the Groundish Mix of music than with some smooth modern blues from the new album by the long-running Florida band JJ Grey and Mofro.



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