Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Once Bitten, Once Bitten Mix

Time moves on.  We walk unaided into the abyss. Sail our ships closer to the sun. Life become a series of movements, of stanzas. We stand alone and yet never truly alone...

We have some cool tunes to refresh, reinvigorate and renew your damaged innocence. Or something... we have cool tunes...


"A Little Bit Longer" by Grass Root Kids (a nifty song by this awesome new band from Nashville)

"Red Light Love" by Those Darlins (Awesome song and check out the cool video in the playlist below.  Nashville - Those Darlins will be playing at Eastside Hootenanny this Saturday and this will the first and only opportunity to hear some new songs from the next Those Darlins album which is due out in the Fall.)

"Peace and Quiet" by Waxahatchee (love this song. The band is from Illinois.)

"Waters of Babylon" by Valued Customer (first of two from our friends Patrick J. Power and Ugggy).

"Big Blue Wave" (Alternative Mix) by Hey Ocean! (Hey Ocean! are a Pop/Indie band from Vancouver, BC).

"The Drinking Song" by Valued Customer (Yes! Just Yes! and Very Yes!)

"Nine Lives to Rigel Five" by Game Theory (More Game Theory with a Star Trek reference - I am a equal opportunity geek)


  •  "Big White Wall" by Drive He Said from Multitudes (2012)

The last song on the debut album by Maxim Ludwig's new band.  I love this song.  Fits well in a mix that includes Red Light Love and Big Blue Wave.

  • "All I Want is Everything" by Game Theory from Distortion of Glory - (originally on Blaze of Glory (1981))

"I push away but still I cling. All I want from her is everything."

  • "It's Alright" by Great Divide from Great Divide (2013)

Man oh man, this is a great song.  It's got a cool as f**k soul vibe.  Great Divide are from Chicago this is from their self-titled sophomore record.

  • "Mystic Mind" by Those Darlins from Screws Get Loose (2011)

Did I happen to mention Those Darlins are from Nashville?  Did I happen to mention, I love this band?  Did I happen to mention that I'm impressed?



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