Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Ready or Not Mix

After a hyper-extended weekend, we are back with a lot of ground to cover... without ado...


"When I Cry" - Jeanette Lynne 
"Wrinkles"  - Grass Root Kids
"Sweetest Girl in the Kitchen" Henry's Rifle
"Matchbox" - Jerry Lee Lewis
"Midnight Moon" - Year of October
"White Light/White Heat" - Nick Cave and Warren Ellis


"Ain't No Reason" - Great Divide
"Long Time Ago" - Current Swell
"Woodland" - The Paper Kites
"Leilani" - Game Theory
 "Up to Me" - Cosmonauts on Vacation
"Rue des Fantomes" - Inlandsis
"I Want to Hold Your Hand"   - Game Theory covering The Beatles
"Better Life" - Paper Route

SHUFFLE after the JUMP

  • "Autumn Leaves" by Great Divide from Great Divide (2013)

Really, really digging the soul vibe from this Great Divide record.

  • "Still Frightened" by Coastwest Unrest from High Times of Lowly Street (2013)

Coastwest Unrest are from Las Vegas.  I literally just downloaded their new Noisetrade Sampler last night, and this was my first real listen.  So far, so good. Great sound and I'm dying to hear more.

  • "Bloodsucker" by Moses and the Firstborn from Mozes and the Firstborn (2013)
Mozes and the Firstborn are from Antwerp. They have a wicked sense of humor and they pretty much rock.  Isn't that enough?

  • "Falling" by Tipi Valley from Rock 'n Roll Lives On (2013)

Really, really digging this new music from our friend Tipi Valley from the UK. Here's a link to the video of the title track- 



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