Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Take It Mix

I am very excited and pleased with today's mix of music.  I know, I know, I'm always pleased with the mix of music, but today especially we have a great mix of new and old music that darts across the vast field of genre and styles.


We begin with another direct from my e-mail inbox to my ear-hole.  Liquid Casing is a four-piece progressive/rock band from Houston, Texas. Their brand new album A Separat|Divide is out today and takes on the subject of borders and illegal immigration. Today, we got our first listen via an instrumental track called "Non-Linear Solution", and I have to say I was very impressed.  Combining elements of hard progressive rock and at times dissonant.  I hope you will check this band out, and I know I can't wait to hear more.

Next up some awesome Americana from William Pilgrim and The All Grows Up with "About a Girl" which is on their debut EP The Great Recession which was released last September.
 How about some music from the legendary jazz artist Charles Mingus.  This live recording of "Mingus Blues" comes from an album called Charles Mingus and Friends in Concert which was released on Columbia in 1972.
 Periodically, I check out Noisetrade and read descriptions of some of the selections to see what catches my fancy. When I read the description of The Weight of Glory by Heath McNease which stated that it was a hip hop remix of the works of C.S. Lewis, I was skeptical but intrigued. They had one track available to preview and I listened and was pleasantly surprised enough to download. Today, the track "Surprised by Joy" came up, and I have to say I really dig it.

We next have another great track from the new album, Miles, by Canopy Climbers. This one is called "Melody".

How about the new one from The Civil Wars.  "The One That Got Away" is our first taste of the band's follow-up to the break-through Barton Hollow. My first impression is that it is a strong song that moves things forward nicely.
 We close out the Pre-Shuffle with another track from Christopher Paul Stelling's Songs of Praise and Scorn. "Solar Flares" is flat out an amazing song.


"Arrival in a Distant Land"  by The Gabriel Construct from Interior City (2013)
The Gabriel Construct is a solo project by Gabriel Lucas Riccio. This is another straight from my inbox and my first impressions.... We begin appropriately enough with the opening track which begins with a minimalist piano and takes it's time migrating into some amazing Avant-garde, almost classical sounding free-jazz. The vocals are starkly beautiful. 
Pulled aside and asked to wait
If I leave, they take me right back
“You’re staying here for many years
And you will not leave.”

And I can’t get out.

“Welcome home
This is your home now.”

The description I received includes metal influences which are not present in this track. It definitely left me wanting more. I think this one will get a complete listen very soon.


"Down There" by Bronze Radio Return from Shake! Shake! Shake! ( 2011)

Another cool track from this Connecticut Roots Rock band.
"Lightning Bolt" by Jake Bugg from Jake Bugg (2013)

Okay, I really like this song, and from the little bit I've read, it sounds like this young man has a great attitude and a willingness to learn.  Meanwhile, this is just one of those songs that makes me smile.


"Broken Glass" by Beijing from Night (2013)

Our newest Connecticut friends close out the morning mix with another great track from their Night album. I've been listening to this album quite a bit, and I'm really enjoying the powerful yet catchy songs. I love the album cover, too.

(Several of the songs were not available in video form, but all are represented below)


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