Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Log Jam Mix

Live* from Nashville - Music City USA. Ear to the Ground proudly presents - the Morning Shuffle.... 

*Live when written - except on the West Coast where 60 Minutes will be seen at it's regular time.   

Once again, we find ourselves abundantly blessed with music, and running a bit tight in the time department... so dispensing with the ado...  Join the Mix - after the JUMP


"Honeymoon" by Bombadil ("your life is books you never wrote
and tote only for money")

"Red River Valley" by Slim Whitman ("From this valley they say you are leaving We shall miss your bright eyes and sweet smile")
"Everywhere I Go" by Caitlin Rose ("In a room out of town There’s a picture in a drawer
of all that could have been and all that came before Standing in the light or hiding in the dark")

"Sea of Lights" by Year of October ("Been swimming in a sea of lights for so long, surprised I haven't drowned")

"The Randall Knife" by Guy Clark ("There it slept and there it stayed For twenty some odd years Sort of like Excalibur Except waiting for a tear")

"King of the Waves" by Little Barrie ("Let's be like children play, pretend we started again")

"Who Are You" by Ivan and Alyosha ("And you paint your face, and you change your hand
Tell me what happened to you such a long time ago And all your friends, well they have no clue Who are you when no one is around?")

PRE-SHUFFLE moves into the SHUFFLE with the next song

"Only a Song" by Ben Sollee ("I get a little scared when I'm driving through the ghetto.
There's a part of me that wants to hide, there's a part of me that wants to move in.
Cuz even though I, I grew up in the suburbs I didn't really grow until I learned how so many others lived. But this is only a song, it can't change the world.") 

"Leaky Seams" by bellwire  ("Your backyard was a shrine to summer nights–– a bedsheet theater.
Someone prepped the reel and let it rip–– the camera slipped through leaves")

"Open Pt. II" by Great Forest ("When you first saw me in my shapeless body")

"Checkpoints and Borders" by Liquid Casing ("Checkpoints to see where we belong “Can’t you see?” I don’t belong My skin said it all; that border I just can’t cross")

"No More Lonely" by Caitlin Rose ("Nobody's asking questions here but me")




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