Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Tooth and Consequences Mix


--> Yo! I have a bit of a dental emergency so I have to make this short and sweet...


Mix after the JUMP

In two words or less


"Fear Inside Our Bones" by The Almost (Tampa Alternative)

"Other Side" by The Swaggerin' Growlers (Folk-Punk Ska)

"Get it Out of Your Head" by Beach Day (More Florida)

"Sleepy Hollow" by Year of October (Ichabod Crane)
"Wolves" by Bronze Radio Return (Yay Wolves)
"High and Dry" live by Radiohead (High Dry)
"Further On" by Bronze Radio Return (More Bronze)
"We Got Soul" by Christian Robins (What Soul)
"King is Dead" by Christopher Paul Stelling (Stirring Melody)
"Blue Blocker" by The Black Clouds (Jersey Grunge)
"Birch Island Bandit" by Katherine Moller (Celtic Fiddle)
"Hot Dogs and Cold Beer" by Secret Country (Suds and Brats)
"Friends Like Those" by Robert Ellis (Pure Texas)


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