Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Maybe Partying Will Help Mix

A few items of interest... KALPA - the new Valued Customer album is due out today. We are still awaiting it's arrival with bated and baited breath.

Gabriel Redding is on the penultimate day of his record breaking run across America to raise money for Alzheimer and Dementia patients. Get your donate on (click on his name for details).

Our great old friends, The End Men are headed out on a mini-tour to Ohio.  If you are in these area's be sure to check them out. Seriously, do it, and tell them Ear to the Ground sent you.  Annabel's - Akron on 7/18;  Buzzbin -  Canton on 7/19; and the Stone Tavern -  Kent on 7/20.

Now, let's get to the Morning Mix of Music.

After the JUMP


"Prelude" by The Black Clouds (How appropriate to begin with a Prelude...)

"Kiss Me on the Bus" by The Replacements (An absolute classic - "Hurry, Hurry, Here comes my stop")

"Janitorial on Channel Fail" by Centro-Matic (more from this awesome Texas band)

"Howm' I Gonna Get Back Home" by He's My Brother She's My Sister (The band with the great sound and the long name).

"No Reason" by The Black Clouds (a much needed does of ferociousness into the morning mix)

"Remembrance of Things Past" by Coastwest Unrest (It's been a little while since we featured this band, and it's good to be reminded of just how great they sound)

"The Four Loves" by Heath McNease (more from his hip-hop remix of his folk album inspired by the work of C.S. Lewis)

"Pink Champagne" by Caitlin Rose (Nashville's sweetheart performs songs from her latest album in a special session for Noisetrade)  

"3's a Charm" by Bleu (A super cool song from his Redhead album)


 "The Mighty Midshipmen" by Centro-Matic from Love You Just the Same (2003)

Another track available on a massive 24 song free download via the Band's Bandcamp page. This Denton, Texas band features Will Johnson from Monsters of Folk and have been making music together since 1995.

"Homegrown Tomatoes" by Guy Clark from Songs and Stories (2011) (Original Version was on Better Days (1983)

The legendary singer-songwriter performs, a classic song about the popular fruit which often pretends to be a vegetable.

"Dromedary" by Dog Without Warning from Bark (2013)

One of favorite releases of 2013 was the surprising Bark EP by Bay Area band Dog Without Warning.  This is the last song on that EP, and it is a charmer.  Give a listen and try not to smile.



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