Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Well Trained Badgers Mix

Busy, busy.... busy as a well trained badger.

Music - after the JUMP

Pre-Shuffle and Shuffle combined for your enjoyment....

 "You Know, I Know, You Know" by Bleu
--> (From Redhead)

"True North" by Sam Morrow (Title track of his recent EP)

"Church Kids" (Poem by Jordan Gaines) by Christian Robins (from KidGrownUp)

"Ghost of Virginia" by Justin Townes Earle (American Songwriter Sessions version)

"Bread or Wine" by Heath McNease (from Thrift Store Jesus)

"Oh Well, My Love, Farewell" by Brad Jones (Nashville based singer-songwriter)

"Second Moon" by Valued Customer (the first release from their new album Kalpa)

"My Alien Father" by The Gabriel Construct (just featured by Huffington Post! After making a comparison, I get to hear Valued Customer and The Gabriel Construct back-to-back. Sublime!)

"Jennifer" and "W-O-E" by Little Comets (British Alt-Pop band)

"This Song Will Make You Love Me" by The Great American Novel (an early treat from the forthcoming record. This song will make you love The Great American Novel.)

"Funny Heartbeat" by Kisses (LA band. Kind of digging it)

"You've Got Your Head on Backwards" by The Sonics (from 1966 - one of the predecessors of punk)



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