Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Bobby Freaking Keys Mix

I'm doing a super quick mix today, but for good reason, I used my lunch hour to walk a couple of blocks to see legendary (I mean LEGENDARY) sax man Bobby Keys with his excellent band that includes former Georgia Satellite and current leader of Homemade Sin and member of The Bluefields Dan Baird. I only had time to stay for the first part, but they ripped through a set that included a few Stones songs, a George Harrison number, and Joe Cocker's version of the Box Tops' song.  All of which featured Mr. Keys in their original versions.


"Neon Rainbow" by the aforementioned Box Tops.

"The River Made Me Do It (Live)" by Miss Shevaughn  and Yuma Wray

"Wear Me Out" by Summer Cannibals (a Portland Oregon band that includes a second cousin of mind who I have never met)

"Forever is Better With You (Live)" by Humming House

"Country Death Song (Live)" by Violent Femmes

"Drive Real Fast" by Mark Robinson



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