Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Flags for Everything Mix

August 6 - Nashville... overcast skies, rising humidity, but still an ever so slight chill in the air.  Changing lanes, changing gears, but it all still seems the same. Perception in the mind's eye. Do we have the power to change our destiny or are we merely pawns in a cosmic and eternal game, we don't even understand?  And what does it matter? Does it matter?

Lost in my thoughts - at times dark, at times trivial. Okay - often trivial. Seeking inspiration. Finding it in the diverse music of people from all over the world. Different voices, different musical choices. For some music is a commodity, for me it is a life blood.

All over the world.... Different voices, different choices....

Music - after the jump...


"Diamond Sigh" by Valued Customer ("22,000 sunsets to go /hold my hand and around the sunset we'll go /365 days til the calendar explodes / i really wanna rest but we got miles to go" - Sorry but have a I mentioned lately how much I dig this band and this album?  It's, like, neuron-exploding good. )

"Leader of Men" by Let's Active (The Let's Active retrospective continues, and I am reminded of the genius of Mitch Easter and company. Next time, I hear somebody talking about how "bad" music was in the 80s, I plan to put on Cypress and Afoot and put them to shame.)

"On My Way" by The Melodic (The Melodic are a Folk/Roots/Latin band from South London. This song came my way via a ANTI records sampler from Noisetrade).

"Look Around" by Callaghan (Callaghan is from Atlanta, GA.  Such an amazingly beautiful voice and sound. As I was listening to this, I had to detour through downtown Nashville via a different route, and this song provided a great soundtrack. Also via Noisetrade)

"Morning Gown" by T-Model Ford (A REAL DEAL Blues legend, T-Model Ford died last month at the age of... 94? He didn't remember the exact date of his birth...)


"Stanley Kubrick" by Alvin Band from Rainbow Road (forthcoming 2013)

 Alvin Band hails from Phoenix, Arizona. They have a sampler out now on Noisetrade. Rainbow Road is due out August 20 and a complimentary record, Banshee Boardwalk will be released by the end of the year.  The song name drops the visionary director of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangelove, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange etc.)

"Thrift Store Jesus" by Heath McNease from Thrift Store Jesus (2012)

Another one via Noisetrade - envision a painting of Jesus that resembles Richard Marx. Envision needing this Jesus to be there for you.... 
"Run Myself Into the Ground" by Jessica Lea Mayfield original version from Tell Me (2011) - this stripped down version from American Songwriter: The Best of American Songwriter Sessions (2013) via Noisetrade


Jessica Lea Mayfield has an affinity for 90s Rock and 70s/80s Bluegrass. Here at E2TG we support this unique juxtaposition of influences. It helps that she is one hell of a good songwriter.

"Flags for Everything" by Let's Active from Cypress (1984)


Just put this song in your earhole and marvel.... whether you have loved Let's Active for years or are just catching up, this is near-perfect music for an imperfect world.  RIP Faye Hunter....



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