Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Freak Out Mix


1. “Winterlight”/The Autumn Defense/Ten Full Paces

Such a great sound. Saw them live in the parking lot of Grimey’s for Americanarama last September.

2. “living on”/The Lies/whatever
3. “Look in Your Eyes”/Taco Land/Home Sweet Home

During the hiatus, our old friends Taco Land dropped a new album called Home Sweet Home, and this track has such a great sound. It’s everything we’ve come to expect from Taco Land and more.

4. “Tar”/The Jean Jackets/Field Theory Blues


more after the jump....

5. “Killing Floor”/Tomas Doncker Band/The Howling Wolf Project

Finally, we get to this amazing release (in my opinion on of the best of 2014. It power of the Blues to express your deepest disappointments and sorrows and to wrap you up in it all and provide a strange kind of comfort. A heartfelt and fitting tribute to a legend.

6. “Safe With Me”/Jenny Leigh/Tipping Point

I met Jenny Leigh at a Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray show at The Basement, and I really dig her music.

7. “don’t know what you have”/The Lies/whatever

Second song from New Jersey band The Lie today and the third this week. Glorious rock and roll.


I don’t know where or how or when I added this to my playlist, but it’s freaking awesome. Jam band music for people (like me) who generally hate Jam band music.

9. “Selassie”/Tomas Doncker/Power of the Trinity

More music from Mr. Doncker.  Smooth and soulful on a global scale.

10. “V. The Meaning of Things (The Dream Lives Ought to See)”/Left of Logic/In Formation

Philadelphia based live electronic music. Challenging and pretty darn cool.

11. “Hold Fast Your Dreams”/Marla Mase/Half-Life

A mellower side of Marla Mase with her trademark spoken word spiels. Another of my favorite records of the year.

12. “Summer in a New State”/Swear and Shake/Maple Ridge
Another of those wacky New York Americana bands that sound like they should come from the South. Oh, and they are one of the best of the whole wacky bunch!

13. “English Rose”/The Jam/All Mod Cons

“No matter where I roam…”

14. “Bushwick Nights”/The Great American Novel/Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen – Section 5

The late great The Great American Novel burned bright and went out big with this Single/Outake/piece of awesomeness. Looking forward to what comes next from the various chapters of this great novel that ended way too soon.


1. “Love Hammer” by Mellow Bravo from S/T (2012)

Mellow Bravo is a six piece ROCK band from Boston. Another selection from my friend Ronnie B’s mixCD. Did I mention this ROCKS?

2. “Moonage Daydream” by David Bowie from Ziggy Stardust (1972)

“Freak out….”

3. “Red Rose Nantahala” by Hiss Golden Messenger from Haw (2013)

This came off one of those incredibly awesome Feel Bad for You compilations. If you haven’t latch onto that monthly Mix well then, I feel bad for you… er… Hiss Golden Messenger is M.C. Taylor and Scott Hirsch from Brooklyn NY/Durham NC. I dig!

4. “Conscience of the World” by Tomas Doncker from Power of the Trinity (2011)

Why not close out today’s shuffle with yet another great song from Tomas Doncker’s incredible album Power of the Trinity. Why not indeed!

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