Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon Music Shuffle - Faraway Beach Mix

Weird morning, got stuck in traffic so my Morning Shuffle would have been about 24 songs.  So, I did an afternoon shuffle instead.  The morning shuffle would have been epic, but I don't have time or energy to do it justice.

Here we go....

"Until Then" by The Grimm Generation from The Big Fame

Connecticut E2TG Faves - The Big Fame - a great record.  Video of a newer song about a political family from Massachusetts.  Two states that I always had trouble spelling.

"It" by Prince from Sign O' The Times

Another thrift store find from this weekend.  Prince.  Prince has pretty much cleared YouTube of his music, so all we have is a cover of this song.  The little bit I listened to sounded pretty good. If you listen to it all and disagree - leave a comment.  I rarely get comments directly on the blog. I like comments.  "If..." is a movie directed my Lindsay Anderson and starring Malcolm McDowell that was released in 1968.  That movie and this song are not related as far as I know - in fact they have different but titles, but I just thought I would mention the 1968 movie to impress you with my knowledge of 1960s British Cinema.  

"Evil Girls" by Escondido from Deer Head Music Presents: Indie Mixtape Nashville/The Ghost of Escondido

From a recent mixtape featuring Indie Music from Nashville - available for a limited time on NoiseTrade,  It can be assumed then, that Escondido are an Indie band from Nashville, but assuming makes an ass of u and me, so I visited the band's Facebook page.  They are indeed from Nashville (which I knew), and although they do not use the term "indie" on their bio (unless I missed), I am going to go out on a limb and risk being an ass and make the assumption.  Regardless of all that, this is a bitching tune, and I recommend looking into them further - as will I.  

"Every Little Bit" by Heather Powell from Believe it to Life

Heather Powell is part of the True Groove record label out of New York.  Her music always brings a sense of class and sophistication to the shuffle.  If you are in the New York area and get a chance to check out any of the True Groove artists - do so!

"Hymn for the Road (Walmart Dirge)" by Darrin Bradbury from Death in my Left Ear

You might expect me to make some crack about class and sophistication as a transition from the Heather Powell song to Darrin Bradbury, but I'm not going to do it.  The past few months have been an extremely unusual, difficult, and amazing chapter in my life, and I count myself fortunate that my friendship with Darrin Bradbury has been a big part of this.  Besides, we don't have enough dirges anymore - let alone Walmart Dirges...

"On Some Faraway Beach" by Arturo Stalteri from coolAugustMoon - From the Music of Brian Eno

Arturo Stalteri is a Post Minimalismo romantico from Rome, Italy.  This is a lovely rendition of a Brian Eno composition.  

"Stare at the Sun" by Eleanor Friedberger from Merge Records Summer Sampler 2013/Personal Record

1/2 of the duo The Fiery Furnaces - a lovely song from her 2013 solo album.  DIsclaimer: Ear to the Ground does not recommend staring into the sun without proper equipment, and even then only under the direct supervision of an experienced sun starer.  


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