Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Danglin' Mix

Yet another rainy morning in Music City USA - home of the Ear to the Ground Morning Shuffle (patent pending but not really) and some other music related stuff, I guess... ;-)

"My Country Song" by The Grey A from My Country

A great way to start the morning off.  I freaking love this song, and this album.  Remember this? No Depression!

"Talk to God" by Tim Carroll from Opening Up/Look Out!

One of my favorite songs, but as my friend Lindsay says, all of Tim's songs are hits...  Gonna miss him tonight at Fran's (Columbus, Ohio - he's all yours for tonight - don't miss out!) but super-stoked to see Darrin and my friend Zach Red playing there. Fun starts at 9:00.  Tim will be back in time for his weekly Happy Hour at The Five Spot.

"Millennial Backlash" by The Jason Drug Reaction from Down on the Pharmacy

This song makes me want to slam dance.  I like songs that make me want to slam dance.  I also like songs that make me want to slam dance that have great hooks.  This one has a great hook!  The Jason in the bands name is Jason Krug of The Grimm Generation.  Dig it! 

"Been to the Deep" by Linear North from The Entrée (Built4BBQ Sampler)/Singles

When The End Men passed through Nashville last month, I got my hands on the latest compilation from the Upstate New York-based collective Built4BBQ.  I dig just about everything they put out, and I love Linear North.  They are from Albany, NY, and play some awesome Psych Blues...

"On and On" by Straightjacket Escape by The Entrée (Built4BBQ Sampler)

Two in a row from the Built4BBQ folks.  Some old school PUNK Rock is just what the doctor ordered!  From what I can tell, they are underground in the very essence of the word - no Facebook, no website, no damn Twitter - but just based upon this track, I can tell you that they ROCK!  If you ever happen to be in Upstate New York and find out they are playing - then get yourself there right away!

"Upper Right" by Heath McNease from Fort Wayne (Songs inspired by the Film)

Another track from Heath McNease.  I really like this song about distance and geography and change.

"I Got Nothin' by Shabbadoo from Pajama

And yet another great track from this nearly 8 year old bit of Memphis musical history.  This one has words...

"Danglin'" by Hugh Trimble from Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen - Section 5/neighborpoem

Another New York state based musical collective that never fails to deliver the goods - This Section 5 from Mama Coco's just keeps offering up great song after great song.  Hugh Trimble is currently based in Chicago, but recorded this song at Mama Coco's.  I really, really love this song, and my next order of business is to grab some more music from Hugh Trimble.  It's Indie Folk of the highest caliber.  Dig it!


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