Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Morning Music Shuffle - No Safe Harbor Mix

In a moment of extreme clumsiness, I accidently deleted the entire "Current Music" playlist from my phone.  This is was the continually evolving playlist that I use used to create the morning shuffles you have all come to love so much.  I'm not sure how it happened, but as far as I could tell there was no "Undo" button, so I set about to spend a couple of hours attempting to cobble together a new "Current Music" playlist from my memory.  I also took advantage of this minor disaster to add some Holiday-themed music to the mix.  In the course, I know I forgot some songs (which you will never know about - except that I am telling you) and I am pretty sure I added back some songs that have already been featured (which you will only know about if you have been paying very close attention - in which case, I thank you and beg your patience).

So, the new "Current Music" playlist is a couple of hundred songs short of what I deleted (I will add more as I remember), but I like to think of it as a leaner and meaner playlist.  So, behold....

"7 Come 11" by Ike Reilly from Am I Still the One for You?/Hard Luck Stories

I definitely remembered to read Ike Reilly's recent compilation to the playlist, and I THINK I remembered which songs I had already featured.  It's all good though.  Although I am sometimes embarrassed when I am late to"discover" an artist with a long and rich musical catalog, I am comforted by the pleasure of suddenly finding a new favorite who already has a deep well in which to go exploring.

"Nightclub Towns" by Dan Coyle from Perfect Word. Perfect Beat.

I also remembered to add Dan Coyle back into the playlist. And, I dedicate this song to all of the hard travelling musicians I know.

"There is No Safe Harbor" by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade from Familiar Fevers

The first of three - count them three! songs in today's shuffle by the Upstate New York band The Lucky Jukebox Brigade.  I "discovered" them in early to mid 2013 and this record was on my highly anticipated list for some time after that. It was worth the wait.

"A Girl Named Joy" by Hugh Trimble from neighborpoem

Hugh Trimble was a discovery I made from Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen's latest compilation.  He's got some new music out, but this is from his last record neighborpoem which I like quite a lot.

"Bend at the Marsh" by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade from Familiar Fevers

Song #2 of the day from The Lucky Jukebox Brigade was also the second video from the Familiar Fevers album.  I remember when they had to postpone the video shoot due to weather.

"It's Alright to Die" by Ike Reilly from Am I Still the One forYou?/Sparkle in the Finish

If Ike Reilly wasn't cool enough, he named his band The Ike Reilly Assassination.  How cool is that?

"Moonchild" by Free Moral Agents from Chaine Infinie

Back in October, the music world mourned the untimely passing of Ikey Owens (Mars Volta, Jack White etc.).  It was only after his death that I learned of the many connections he had to some music and people I adore.  I was especially surprised to learn of his many contributions and deep connection to my friends and E2TG favorites Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray.  I came across this song from Ikey's band Free Moral Agents and I am pleased to present it to you today.

"They Chose Rapture" by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade from Familiar Fevers

Okay, I am pretty sure I have featured this song before at some point, but you know what? It's a damn fine song, so who cares. No video was available so I added a clip from the band's 2013 appearance on?/at? Couch by Couchwest. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


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