Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Burn Thru Mix

We are back after an extended holiday break... hope everyone is well..  I am short on time today, so let's jump into the shuffle...

"You Make it Easy" by Golden Smog from Another Fine Day

By now, you know who Golden Smog are... if not go back through some recent posts or google it or something.  That said, this is a very Jayhawks sounding Golden Smog song to my untrained ear.  What say you?

"Hangin' Around" by Ike Reilly from Am I Still the One For You?

Grant it... this is purely anecdotal evidence, but Ike Reilly recently made 18 songs (4 new ones and 14 from his archives) available as a free download from NoiseTrade.  AS a result, I am a new fan, and I have shared several of the songs already and will be sharing more.  I will also have an ear out (to the ground) for word of his next record. 

"Burn Thru" by Abigail Washburn from City of Refuge

If genetics mean anything at all, Abigail Washburn and Bela Fleck's child will be one heck of a banjo player. (Nature or nurture or both?)

"King of Kings" by The Jayhawks from The Jayhawks (aka The Bunkhouse Album)

A proper Jayhawks song for comparison to the Golden Smog song earlier. Some reviews I read kind of dismiss this album as a band that had not really found their signature sound as of yet.  This is one heck of a great song, though.

"The Boat Song (We're Getting Loaded)" by Ike Reilly from Am I Still the One For You?

What a great song!  Give it a listen.... really.

"Kinetic" by Tesla Rossa from Deer Head Music Presents: Indie Mixtape Nashville/Tesla Rossa

A song that seriously rocks from Nashville's own Tesla Rossa off of their self-titled first album.  Another discovery from the Deer Head Music mixtape....

"Bigger Than" by The Grimm Generation from The Big Fame

An absolute favorite band of this blog and a great source of support and encouragement. A great song from the great state of Connecticut. 

"Contortionista" by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade from Familiar Fevers

Among the most innovative and interest bands we came across through our extended interest in great music from New York/New Jersey.  They have a track on the latest Built4BBQ sampler.  This is from their latest album which is available for Free from their Bandcamp page.

"Dishonest Jenny" by The Faults from De-Fault

Another find from the Feel Bad for You monthly mixtape.  This is from a rather obscure Knoxville, Tennessee band which features several members of another Knoxville band which we have featured before (from previous Feel Bad for You mixtapes), Mic Harrison and the High Score.  I couldn't find a video of this band so I added one from Mic and the High Score.    


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