Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Doing the Horizontal Mix

A frustrating morning commute - made all the better by an eclectic ten song shuffle... enjoy...

"Waffle House" by Darrin Bradbury from When a Car Becomes A House (Demos)

"I'd like to know what I want without it being advertised." A beautiful song of the road from the one and only Darrin Bradbury.

"Moons of Jupiter" by Ron Muga from Wonderful Doom

Another lovely song this one from Ron Muga.  I had some technical difficulties before, some I glad to be featuring these songs finally.

"Truckin' Trees for Christmas" by Red Simpson from Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree - A Vintage Holiday Mixtape/Truckers' Christmas

Is it a coincidence that there were two country music singers named "Red" who were notable for Trucker songs?  This one goes out to all those who drive long distances day after to day so that we can conveniently get the things we want and need.

"Trick" by Joe Sundell from The Hat Thief

This is one of my favorite records of the year, and this lively, old-time sounding song is one of my favorites off of it.

"Santa Claus" by Thee Headcoatees from Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree - A Vintage Holiday Mixtape/Sisters of Suave

Thee Headcoatees are a 90s British Garage Rock band who sound like they could be 60s Garage Band.  This song may or may not sound like their song, "Davey Crockett". 

"5th String is Broken" by Sammy Brue from Bootleg Sessions VOL I

For a second day in a row, we have 13 year old phenom Sammy Brue in the shuffle. Maybe Santa can bring him a 5th String for Christmas?

"Santa's Doing the Horizontal Twist" by Kay Martin and Her Body Guards from Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree - A Vintage Holiday Mixtape/Kinky Christmas Songs

At this point, I feel compelled to point out that the shuffle literally comes from a random shuffle of songs in a playlist I curate.  So, while I must take responsibility for adding this song to said playlist.*  I cannot be held accountable for this showing up right after a song by a 13 year old boy.  Spoiler Alert: It should also be pointed out that the character mentioned in the song is not actually Santa.  *David "Popa Tunes" Horton sent me the mixtape. ;-) 

"Country Nugget" by Blackfoot Gypsies from Dandee Cheeseball

I just heard that Blackfoot Gypsies are playing The 5 Spot a week from today with Cory Brannan and bunch of other folks.  I implore you to check this band out whenever and wherever you get the chance.  Also, I actually checked to make sure my Music Player was operating correctly when this song was playing.  That is a compliment.

"Fish Plant Rebellion" by Ike Reilly from Am I Still the One for You?/Poison the Hit Parade

The last time I posted an Ike Reilly song and tweeted about it, he replied and said I should make sure to tell my friends that the songs I have been featuring are all available (free and easy) via the fine folks at NoiseTrade.  If you are interested (and you should be interested), I am going to post the widget to make it even easier.

"The Shroud" by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade from Familiar Fevers

We close things out with another awesome song from the way cool Familiar Fevers album by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade. 



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