Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Don't Need a Hammer Mix

Today's shuffle is a pretty nice mix of friends and heroes with a "new to me" band thrown in for good measure....

"If I Had to Guess" by Hugh Mitchell

I met Hugh hanging at some of the same places I hang - usually Darrin Bradbury is involved. I had never heard his music; so, I located his bandcamp page and grabbed a couple of tunes.  This is a single from 2012, and I like it a bunch.  I hope you do, too.

"Ipana" by Batkhi Dahn

Another track from The Foresters' bassist Hayden Nork's solo project.  Hayden is thirteen and started playing music a few years ago after attending a Green Day concert with his Dad and brothers. This is definitely not Pop-Punk... it is experimental and weird (in the best possible way), and pretty amazing. I noticed on his You Tube page that he has been posting some Daniel Johnston.  All I can say, is keep it up, kid.

"Mission" by Joe Nolan

Fresh out of my inbox from the forthcoming remastered release of Joe Nolan's 3rd album Blue Turns Black.  This sounds amazing, and I look forward to sharing more in the near future.  Great song.

"I'm Not Ready" by CHAPPO

This one comes to me from a NoiseTrade compilation called Best of What's Next which is available now and has tons of great music on it.  CHAPPO are a garage psyche rock band from Brooklyn.  A nice introduction for me, and I will listen for more. From their EP Celebrate.

"Rush Hour Blues" by Joe Nolan

One good Joe Nolan tune deserves another.  This one is off of his Plain Jane album, and it sounds like it could be a lost song from a great 1970s singer/songwriter.  A nice tune for my morning drive - although it was just work waiting at the end of my drive.

"Gilbert Takes the Wheel" by Guadalcanal Diary

A fine instrumental from one of my favorite bands.  From their album Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man.

"Brave Captain" by fIREHOSE

The first song off the very first fIREHOSE album Ragin', Full On.  After D. Boon's tragic death, a persistent Ed Crawford drove to Pedro and eventually got Mike Watt to listen to him, and the rest was history.  I am a big Minutemen fan and a big fIREHOSE fan, and I've never understood people who put so much energy behind comparing... I was fortunate to see fIREHOSE play back in the day, and they were amazing.

"Lionel I" by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade

Our second instrumental of the day, and the first of two Lionel songs on Familiar Fevers.  I was half way up the hill when this song came on, and I kind of felt like I was in a New Orleans funeral... or something.  Dig it.

"Nail it Down" by Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets.  This was the album that immediately preceded the band's appearance on MTV Unplugged with Nirvana which helped deliver to the band to a much wider audience.  This was their major label debut after releasing several albums on SST Records.

"Radio Free Europe" (Original Hib-Tone Single) by R.E.M.

We close things out with original version of R.E.M.'s iconic first single.  A different version would later appear on the band's first album Murmur which was released on IRS Records.  This version would reach a wider audience when it was included on the retrospective final IRS release Eponymous.



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