Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Pretty as a Prayer Book Mix

In the midst of a busy week of music.  Had the opportunity to hang out with some friends, watch some talented friends make music, and be introduced to some music I haven't heard before. Tonight, it is Darrin Bradbury playing at the Stone Fox on the west side of Nashville.

"What Wanting Means" by Sean Watkins

I am really enjoying Sean Watkins' All I Do is Lie album.  By the way, when I typed What Wanting Means by Sean Watkins into You Tube's search box, I was asked if I meant, "What Wanking Means...". Uh, no...

"The Stolen Child" by The Waterboys

Mike Scott and Yeats... what more do you want?  From Fisherman's Blues.

"Standing in the Sun" by Jessica Lea Mayfield

Revelation of the day: I don't listen to damn near enough Jessica Lea Mayfield.  This is from her 2014 album Make My Head Sing...

"Parasites" by San Fermin

San Fermin are an Indie Rock band from Brooklyn. Their second album, Jackrabbits is coming out this spring, and they are playing the Forecastle Festival up in Kentucky. This single was released back in December. It's a good one.

"That Was Your Mother" by Paul Simon

I have always had a tender spot in my heart for this song. Maybe it is the Cajun feel that speaks to my Cajun ancestry, maybe it is the fact that my parents lived in Lafayette, Louisiana a long time ago, yeah, before I was born, dude..., or maybe it is just because it is a great song. From the classic Graceland.

"Happy Chemicals" by Batkhi Dahn

We all could use some more Happy Chemicals... Seriously, there is something pretty weird, wild, and awesome happening here... check out Batkhi Dahn!

"Prologue" by Ben Arthur

Who says we can't have a brief instrumental Prologue in the middle of the last half of a shuffle!  Who says we can't take the opportunity of posting this brief instrumental prologue to tell you that you seriously need to check out Ben Arthur's Album/Novel If You Look for My Heart?  Do it! Who says? I say!

"Meredith" by Sean Watkins

Another instrumental, less brief and not a prologue. Also, the second Sean Watkins song in the shuffle.  In the video playlist in place of this song which I could not find, I posted a video of Sean and his sister Sara Watkins. 

"Broken Whiskey Glass" by Jason and the Scorchers

I have to my list of favorite musical moments involve standing amongst an energetic and enthusiastic crowd singing loudly to the introduction to this song all the while anticipating the moment when the song explodes into an incredible ball of pure rock and roll heaven. 

"Cold As It Is" by The Lone Bellow

In a moment of my shuffle having a good timing, we have a song from The Lone Bellow album that was released yesterday.  I dig this band a great deal, and I am looking forward to digging more into the whole Then Came the Morning album.  Trivia:  On Monday, the band appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and among the musicians joining them was Melissa Tong who is the fiddler for Pork Chop Willie who we featured last year.


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