Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Baboon Heart Mix

Well, here we go. Another short shuffle that covers a ton of ground. For the literary minded among you, we have a song inspired by Upton Sinclair and another inspired by a Tennessee Williams' play.  Plus, we have some Piedmont Blues for North Carolina, one of Paul Revere's Raiders doing a Ray Charles song and so much more... let's get to it...

"Slaughterhouse" by The Georgia Satellites 

From In the Land of Salvation and Sin... Inspired by the muckraking writing of Upton Sinclair especially the novel, The Jungle.

"Chapel Hill Boogie" by John Dee Holeman (Holman)

Some more Piedmont Blues for the Music Makers compilation on Noisetrade. This song was co-written by Kenny Wayne Shepherd.  By the way, on Noisetrade and almost everywhere else I looked, the artist's name is listed as Holeman.  Wikipedia insists that his name is Holman and often misspelled as Holeman.  Let's just agree to disagree and just applaud the work of all organizations that help musicians who have given the world so much.

"The Boy in the Bubble" by Paul Simon

The classic lead track from Paul Simon's groundbreaking album Graceland.  

"Open Wide" by Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets get all speed metal-ey on this stand out track from Forbidden Places.

"This Property is Condemned" by Maria McKee

Ex-Lone Justice singer Maria McKee references a play by Tennessee Williams in this track from her self-titled debut solo album.

"Leave My Woman Alone" by Keith Allison
Keith Allison got his break on Dick Clark's Where the Action Is - a show which featured Paul Revere and the Raiders as the house band.  Allison later joined that band and had a long career contributed to many popular releases. This Ray Charles cover is from Allison's 1967 solo album In Action.

"Longer Than You've Been Alive" by Old 97's

One of the pioneers of the alt-country movement, The Old 97s lead by Rhett Miller are still making music.  This reluctantly self-referential song is from their most recent album Most Messed Up which came out in April 2014 on ATO Records. 


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