Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Impossible Mix

We have a diverse group of songs today... and several artists making their first ever appearance in the E2TG shuffle...  which means I have to do some quick research to know what to say....

"All My Love" by Joe Nolan

Hats off to my second favorite Joe for writing a song and giving it the same title as a Beatles' classic.  Helps that it is a really good song.  Second favorite Joe is obviously a joke.  All the Joes I know are tied for second favorite except for one. And I know who I am. From the forthcoming remastered version of Blue Turns Black.

"Notte Insonne" by Ben Arthur

The penultimate song from Ben Arthur's If You Look for my Heart.  Having explored an insane number of musical styles on the record, he ups the ante by singing a song in Italian.  When he is not making insanely good records of his own, Ben Arthur is co-writing songs in the road between Nashville and Memphis.

"I'm Not Ready (Hotel Lobby Version)" by CHAPPO

New York band CHAPPO come back into the shuffle with a song from a recent Noisetrade release.  This is the Hotel Lobby Version of I'm Not Ready from the EP Celebrate.  Not to be confused with the Father John Misty song Chateau Lobby... not that you were going to be confused until I confused the issue.

"We Will Fall Hard" by Jeremy Gluck/Robert Coyne

Another great track from Memory Deluxe: I Knew Buffalo Bill 2.  There is an awesome video to accompany this song. Check it out in the VIDEO PLAYLIST BELOW.

"Baby Let Me Lay on You" by Etta Baker

The late Etta Baker was a Piedmont Blues singer/guitarist from North Carolina.  This is from another Noisetrade compilation put out by the Music Maker Relief Foundation.

"Impossible Request (Alternate Version)" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

The last song on the latest album (Only Run) by the Philly based Indie band.

"Manman Mwen" by Leyla McCalla

Another from the Music Makers compilation. Leyla McCalla is a New Orleans based cellist and singer, who has played with Carolina Chocolate Drops.  This song is from here 2014 album Vari-Colored Songs, and is based upon a Langston Hughes poem.

"Julia" by Science!

Seattle based Science! make there way back into the shuffle with another song I came from Noisetrade. From the album Alcoves and Alleyways.

"Handsome" by The Vaccines

The Vaccines are an English Indie rock band.  Handsome is the first single from their forthcoming album which will be called English Graffiti.



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