Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Like Charlie Sheen Mix

Sorry there was no Shuffle yesterday, I got bit by a nasty late winter bug... I'm still not 100% but I am fighting through it...

To make up for not having a shuffle - please enjoy this video playlist tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy...

"Back's Against the Wall" by Judah and the Lion

Another song from the Sweet Tennessee record...

"Genius" by Warren Zevon

From My Ride's Here....

"Right Time" by Nikki Lane

A supremely awesome song from Nashville's Nikki Lane off her 2014 album All or Nothin'

"No Sex" by Alex Chilton

An early/mid 80s view of the AIDS epidemic via Memphis legend Alex Chilton off his album Feudalist Tarts.

"I Wanna Sit and Watch the Credits Roll" by Bill Lloyd

From the phenomenal album Feelin' the Elephant - another great one from Nashville legend Bill Lloyd.

"I Only Want to Be With You" by The Tourists

The pure pop nearly hits keep on coming from The Tourists.  Off a compilation called Should Have Been Greatest Hits.

"Hey Mama" by The Satisfactors

From the self-titled debut album by a New Jersey shore super-group...

"The Mermaid Song" by The Ghoul Goes West

Via my inbox by way of somewhere in Northwest Arkansas.... The Ghoul Goes West impressed me right away.  More to come.  Check them out.

"This Very Second" by Bill Lloyd

We close things out with our second track of the day from Bill Lloyd's Feelin' the Elephant, and one of my favorite songs on that album. 



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