Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Rich After Than Before Mix

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One of those moment where music connects me to a moments in my life: I went to The 5 Spot last night to see songwriting legend Don Schlitz, who has written so many great songs including several Mary Chapin Carpenter songs and Forever and Ever, Amen.  He was pretty phenomenal and funny, but when he sang The Gambler which was the first of his songs to be recorded, I literally felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck.  I was twelve years old when The Gambler was released, and you heard it everywhere.  When I was in seventh grade, a girl asked me out (a first for me), and when I called her we talked about a lot of things and I asked her what music she liked and we talked about Kenny Rogers and this song. Later, when I turned 21 and went to buy beer and get carded, that same girl was working in the convenience store where I went and she didn't even card me.  A few years ago, I heard that girl (woman) had been killed in a car accident.  Anyway, all those thoughts went through my head as I sang along to the words I still knew so well. Oh and I got to "fist bump" Don Schlitz last night.  Pretty cool...

To the shuffle:

"Packington's Pound/The Almaine" by David Schnaufer

I was in my late teens maybe, and mostly a fan of punk, post-punk, and whatever we called Alternative music before we called it alternative music, and I was a big fan of a lot of bands in the Nashville "underground" scene of that time.  One of my favorite bands from that time was Walk the West, and they had a spin of group called The Cactus Brothers and I saw The Cactus Brothers a few times and they often had David Schnaufer playing with them, and up until that point, I didn't know that I liked the sound of the mountain dulcimer.

"Train Beat Songs" by Matt Prater

A great song that answers the question non-musicians have about why musicians keep going day after day for little or no monetary reward. 

"Huesos Solos" by The Ghoul Goes West

A gorgeous sounding song from my new friends from Arkansas from their album Ghosts and Bones and Blood and Things.  The Ghoul Goes West are playing their first post album release show in Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25.  If you are in the area, get on this.  If you know someone who lives nearby, get them on this.  Here the link to the Facebook event.

"Yr Soul-less Ass" by Poledo

Poledo were a Canadian alternative band active during the mid 1990s. I came across this track rather randomly, and I like it.  It is from the band's only full-length album released while they were together called There, You.

"The Little Beggar Girl" by Richard and Linda Thompson

Richard and Linda Thompson made some amazing music during their time together.  From the album, I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, this is one of my favorites.

"Fade Into You" by J. Mascis

The Dinosaur Jr. guy doing the Mazzy Star hit.  From a single released earlier this year.

"The Barber" by Matt Prater

Our second Matt Prater song in today's shuffle and probably my favorite track on his fantastic album Tables and Chairs which was released earlier this year.  An evocative story of a small town barber... song takes me back to barber shops I visited as a child.

"Breakfast in the Field" by Michael Hedges

Late guitar virtuoso Michael Hedges.  The original of this song was the title track of his 1981 debut album, and the version I heard today was from his 1987 album Live on the Double Planet. 

"Where Things Get Lost" by Tim Lee 3

Where Things get lost is on the new Tim Lee 3 album, 33 1/3. I dig this song. Tim Lee 3 are a great band and they are good people.  Here is the link to where you can buy their stuff. Do it!


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