Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Morning Music Shuffle - Golden Yolks Come Streaming 'Cross the Sky Mix

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I posted a couple more snippets of Scent of Revelation to Soundcloud. Check them out if you feel so inclined.

In other news, it is Friday, and this will be the 900th post since I migrated #E2TG to Blogger back in late 2011.  If I conservatively estimate that 90% of the posts have been Morning Shuffles and if I conservatively estimate that the Shuffles feature an average of 8 songs each, then I have featured over 6,400 songs during that time.

Here are ten more...

 "Last Forgiven" by Rathborne

I don't know much about Rathborne.  Luke Rathborne is the primary member? The record is called SOFT, and I like this song quite a bit.  Dig it!

"The Killer Inside Me" by Maynard and the Musties

I assume the song title is a reference to the Jim Thompson book or related film? Maynard and the Musties hail from Brooklyn. In the video playlist, we have their performance from Couch by Couchwest this year.  Anyone who hangs out on the Couch is okay by me.  I now must see what else I can get a hold of by this band.  Like this a bunch.

"Talk to God" by Tim Carroll

Just about every Friday, Tim Carroll hosts the happiest happy hour (so happy it lasts two and a half hours) at The 5 Spot in East Nashville. This song is always one of the highlights for me.  This Friday, Tim will not be at The 5 Spot (Patrick Sweany is filling in), Tim, Luella, Darrin, Cameron, and Toby are touring through the Midwest States that start with 'I'.  I think it is Iowa tonight.  So, happy to hear this song in the shuffle so it will feel like a regular Friday.

"Last Days of Tecumseh" by Grant Lee Buffalo

This may be favorite song on the Mighty Joe Moon album.  It's a good one in any event.

"Frying Eggs" by Darrin Bradbury

A Darrin Bradbury fan favorite - from the Tur-Lyfe live album.  I have heard the Masters from the new DB album and this song sounds amazing. 

"I've Been Everywhere" by Hayes Carll

Hayes Carll taking on a Johnny Cash classic.  What could go wrong?  Absolutely nothing!

"Golden Gate" by STS9

STS9 formed in Atlanta 15 years  ago or so.  The name is short for Sound Tribe Sector 9.  They play highly original, instrumental rock music. This track came off of a Nosietrade SXSW Mixtape. I like this a bunch. 

"Clear This Pile of Ash" by Tom Schreck

Tim Carroll, Darrin Bradbury, and Tom Schreck in the same shuffle?  My Nashville  music cup runneth over.

"Bull Fight" by The End Men

Long time Ear to the Ground favorites and friends (and 2013 Band of the Year).  The End Men dropped their latest album, "Terms and Conditions" earlier this month.  This song features two elements that I love: The added saxophone work of Mathew Elia and the vocal harmonies Matthew Hendershot and Livia Ranalli.

"Come Gather Round" by John Wesley Harding

Nowadays, he records under his given name, Wesley Stace, but when Why We Fight was released he was still recording under the name taken from the Bob Dylan album.  Either way, he's one of my favorites.   



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