Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Five Cent Deposit Mix

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One of the reasons I love Nashville, is the fact extraordinary musical moments can feel down right ordinary.  For instance being at cool little dive bar on the East side for an early show that just happens to feature Kevn Kinney (drivin' and cryin') playing with a band he introduced as Sun Tangled Angel Revival (S.T.A.R.) which is a project he started in 2002.  The band just happened to feature Sadler Vaden (currently in Jason Isbell's band), Bryan Howard (of Cracker), and current drivin' and cryin' drummer, Dave V. Johnson. The band sounded great, and then a little more than half way through the hour and a half show, Audley Freed (Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow etc.) took the stage and there was some amazing guitar magic. Freed and Vaden together was simply out of this world.

After hanging out a bit at The 5 Spot for a little while, drive across the river for the Patrick Kinsley and a Fistful of Dollars album release show.  I hope by now you've read my review of For a Thousand Miles and grabbed your copy.  A singer-songwriter named James Roquemore opened the night, and I really like his songs and sound.  Look for some music from him coming soon to the shuffle.  Anthony Adams and the Nite Owls were up next and they brought the party to the party, they were followed by Kinsley and his band who sounded great, and the show was capped by local band Furious Primates - who I finally heard for the first time, and who I now consider myself a fan. 

Well... I've run on at the mouth a bit, so let's get to this morning's shuffle....

"Better Man" by Leon Bridges

It is always a good thing when a relatively new artist starts getting some buzz and then manages to live up to the hype.  That is my assessment thus far about Texas Soul and Gospel singer Leon Bridges.  A really great way to start the morning.

"Corona" by D. Boon and Friends

I'm really not sure how I am just getting around to hearing the album D. Boon and Friends.  The album features late Minutemen guitarist and singer in some rare recordings of Boon in various combinations including some live solo acoustic numbers like this version of the Minutemen song which was on their classic album Double Nickels on the Dime.

"Adult Diversion" by Alvvays

Another from the World Café Sessions download. The Canadian Indie Pop band performing the lead off song from their 2014 self-titled album.  Trivia: Did you know Alvvays looks kind of like the work "Always", but it is not the same word....

"Not Gonna Be Friends" by The Paisley Fields

From my inbox - this one has been in the playlist for a few months.  The Paisley Fields are a self-described "queer country band".  This song is a great song about lost love.

"Can't Admit It" by Lily and Madeleine

One more from World Café...  They are a Indie Folk band from Indiana, and this song is on their 2014 album Fumes.

"Bug Ya for Love" by Dale Watson

Another from Watson's brand new Call Me Insane album - kind of a disclaimer that probably fits a lot of guys...

"This is How We Make the Love" by Christopher Aaron Slade

One more from Christopher Aaron Slade...  there is a wonderful infectious energy to his music.  Danceable hard rock with sometimes suggestive lyrics.  Sounds like rock and roll to me.

"Livin' On" by 13th Floor Elevators

The Austin band fronted by Roky Erickson from their 1969 album (last by the original line-up).  "Livin' On" is one of only four to include Erickson. Music so far ahead of it's time that it still sound innovative today.

"Hot Nights in Georgia" by Jason and the Scorchers

Kind of a counterpoint to the John Hiatt song we had in the shuffle earlier in the week... it does get hot down in the Deep South... "Makes me want to journey north to you..."

"Cruel" by Josh Morris

We close things out with Josh Morris with another song from his Green Fields EP.   He just released a live in studio video for his song "Automobile" and we have that in the video playlist below.



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