Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Glow and Repeat Mix

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Mid-week, and some rain to hopefully break the heat a little... On tap tonight, week 3 of Kevn Kinney's month-long residency at The 5 Spot in East Nashville - tonight featuring the one and only Lydia Lunch!

On to the shuffle...

"Blood on Your Bootheels" by Caroline Rose
The always amazing Popa's Tunes alerted me a while back that the NPR program World Café was opening up their archives and offering a 100-song download of performances from the show. For me it has been a goldmine in terms of hearing awesome performances of some long-time favorites, but most especially for turning me on to some artists I have never heard before - like Caroline Rose.  "Blood on Your Bootheels" is the lead track from her album I Will Not Be Afraid which was released about a year ago.

"Traveler's Prayer" by Jesse and Noah

We have another track from Jesse and Noah in the shuffle today.  This one is from their 2012 album Driven Back.  Jesse and Noah has some of the best harmonies around today.

"Be Your Man" by Ivan and Alyosha

From Jesse and Noah to Ivan and Alyosha. One are the sons/nephews of The Bellamy Brothers and the other is a band from the Pacific Northwest named for characters in a Dostoyevsky. I will leave it to you to figure out which is which.  In any event, Ivan and Alyosha have found success with their catchy brand of indie folk/pop.

"Glow in the Dark" by KATO

KATO makes some dreamy hip-hop music out of L.A.  This song came to me from a submission made by the director of the video that accompanies this track - Owen Schwartzbard.  Since, the video is on Vimeo and not You Tube, I decided to add it here.

KATO / Glow in the Dark from Owen Schwartzbard on Vimeo.
Directed by
Owen Schwartzbard

Glow in the Dark, from the album A Summer in Space Beach.
Produced by Mike Derenzeo (@mderenzo)


"Jack Hammer" by The Odds

My familiarity with The Odds goes back to their debut album Neopolitan, and subsequently seeing them open for and back up Warren Zevon when I saw him back in the early 90s.  This song is the lead track from their sophomore effort which I missed out on due to life that was happening at the time.
"Georgia Rae" by John Hiatt

Another one from Slow Turning. This one is named for and about one of his daughters.

"Repeat" by Denny Zeitlin

And we close out the shuffle today with this track which was the lead track of the 1964 debut album by jazz pianist and composer Denny Zeitlin.  A pretty sweet way to ease into my work day...



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