Friday, August 7, 2015

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - A Pretty Decent Crowd Mix

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Well... collectively we have made it through another work week.  If you are reading this, I assume you at least like music, so if you can, get out and see some live music this weekend.  I know I will...

It is Friday which means another edition of the Featured Friday shuffle of a playlist of music I wanted to highlight and pull out from our usual active playlist.  They full list currently has almost 1,100 songs in it, and I have more to add.   This subset Featured list stands at about 250 - still substantial but manageable.

"My Intentions Were Good, But Fuck Me Part II" by Bashful Hips

"Dating in Class Warfare" by Bashful Hips (featuring Dark Matter Jesus)

We start off today's shuffle with a double dose of (recently returned) Nashville resident, Bashful Hips with a couple of songs from his excellent and excellently titled album, Too Old for a Coming of Age Story.  The first is the second part of a song we featured previously.  "My Intentions Were Good..".  The second track is called "Dating in Class Warfare".  I love Bashful Hips titles, and fortunately the music lives up to the great titles. This music adds a unique element to the E2TG lexicon, which if you follow us closely you realize is not easy to do.

"What More Could I Do?" by Josh Morris

Moving on, we have another song by a Nashville resident.  Josh Morris released his solo EP Green Fields earlier this year.  Since then, he has been a busy producer whose work includes the highly anticipated and recently successfully crowd funded debut by Jon Latham.

"Running in Reverse" by the transcendents

As promised, having completed our presentation of the self-titled debut from New Zealand band, the transcendents, we move on to their more recently record called Lay Where You Collapse.  Complex, melodic modern rock music.  I am so glad this band made their way to my ear holes.

"Wrong" by Paul Zografi

Yet another Nashville-based artist.  From his album Bright.  Just some fine songwriting - played well. 

"Bob" by Darrin Bradbury

This song goes out to... me!....  The sort of title track to Darrin Bradbury's most recent EP, The Story of Bob.  Bob was a pretty swell dude.  So, last night, kind of impromptu, I got the opportunity to spend some time at the wondrous East Side Manor Studios listening in on some of the production work on the next Darrin Bradbury album.  What I heard were still some pretty rough mixes, but it was enough to tell me that this album is going to be incredible.  Some really talented people have been working on this and continue to work on it.  At this point, I still think I made the right call  naming Darrin my 2014 Artist of the Year.  I'll let you know if I ever change my that opinion.  
"Hey Julianne" by Susan James

One more from the recent Susan James album Sea Glass... So far, in the songs I have featured, I have alluded to the subtle influence of some of the great music of the California Paisley Underground scene of the 1980s.  This song solidifies my opinion on this.  It is a gorgeously trippy pop song - that really goes evoke memories of some of the amazing music of that era - (and the 60s psychedelic era that influenced the later music.)  I could listen to this music for hours at a time.

"More Than This" by [debut]

debut, like Susan James, are based in Los Angeles, and their music is also highly original modern music that is evocative of music of the 1980s. In this case, the shimmering electronic alternative pop music of bands like Depeche Mode. This song is from the band's latest album, Postcards from Berlin which was released back in March. 


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