Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Long Black Train Mix

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Okay - two quick announcements.... 1.  I am going to put the Events Page on hiatus until I am able to make some changes.  It was an experiment, and to be honest the effort/effectiveness ratio of the current format wasn't really working for me.  I am going to look into some alternative formats etc., and look to re-launch hopefully sooner than later.

Last nights, Traveler show was amazing. Traveler is Cory Chisel, Robert Ellis, and Jonny Fritz.  They brought out Dave Rawlings for one song. The whole show was fabulous.  The always awesome Aaron Lee Tasjan opened.

"Someone to Let You Down" by Drew Kohl

We open up the weeks shuffle with another one from Drew Kohl's awesome EP Sweetheart.

"Almost Over Now" by Carolina Story

I've been a fan of Carolina Story for some time.  This song comes from their 2014 album Chapter Two.

"In Your Shoes" by Sarah McLachlan

In case you forgot, besides breaking our hearts with her public service announcements, Sarah McLachlan is still a talented singer-songwriter. This song is from her 2014 album Shine On.

"Industry Standard" by Burning Bridges

So glad, I finally got to meet Rob from The Danbury Lie in person. This is a track from his old band Burning Bridges - think The Danbury Lie with the metal turned up to eleven.  (By the way, the video I inserted for this song, is one of Rob's Road Videos from his current trip that was shot here in Nashville.  Trivia: Some of it was shot from the passenger seat of my van including bits from my accidently, random tour of random and somewhat interesting Nashville sites. 

"Knocking on Heaven's Door" (live) by The Alarm

The Alarm were one of my favorite bands way back in the day.  Like U2, they had a larger than life quality, and there was a time that they lived up to that quality.  The video of this song is from a huge concert they put on in 1985 at UCLA.  Of course, the song is by Dylan, but in many ways, it seemed to have been written for The Alarm.  Trivia: When I saw Bob Dylan in 1988, The Alarm opened for him.

"Roots and Wings" by Miranda Lambert

You may not believe it, but I added this song to my playlist before the recent events in Ms. Lambert's personal life. I don't go for the gossip. Suffice it to say, Miranda Lambert is a pretty awesome singer/songwriter.

"Wait a Minute" by Jesse and Noah

Another great song from Jesse and Noah.  This is from their Brethren: Acoustic Covers EP.  Wait a Minute is a cover of a tune by The Seldom Scene from their 1974 album Old Train.  The song serves as an excellent showcase for Jesse and Noah's incredible vocal harmonies.

"Diamond Jelly" by The Danbury Lie

Speaking of The Danbury Lie - we close out the shuffle with this track from Choose Your Delusion - the second of three (releases in 2015).



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